Do girls change depending on who they're with?


what do you thing and have you seen this?


Can’t speak for girls as I’m not one but for guys I’d say no. While it definitely can alter our personalities and certainly behavior (especially if it’s a very serious relationship) my core personality has never changed through a relationship. It can alter the personality but the core remains consistent from what I’ve seen. I’m sure some of you have different opinions though, so please share


ok, but lets say you are dating someone, and the when you break up with her does she at all change when you talk to her or when she is dating someone else?


She’s changed, but IDK how much of it’s from me and how much is from just her growing up. We’ve definitely become more mature and she’s more rational and level-headed now. As for how I’ve changed, I’m honestly not sure. Like at all. I’d need to ask. How much of that is from our relationship and how much of that is from other factors I can’t say. I’ve only been in one serious relationship in my life and for a good chunk of it it was long-distance (one of the reasons it ended actually). I do know that relationships can allow people to evolve, become more mature or compassionate or aware. So yeah, I’d say they can expand and alter your personality, but I can’t say I’ve seen anyone go through a drastic shift of their persona from a relationship.

Or are you asking if they alter their personality during the relationship. In that case, I’d give the same answer. A person’s personality can change over the course of a relationship but I’ve never seen an immediate, drastic change in a person the moment they start a relationship, or at least not one that wasn’t just superficial.


Yes but no more than guys. Neither gender should be considered special like that.

Although we all subtly change a bit in different company it’s most obvious when there’s a power difference. It’s part of being social I guess


well getting older i ended up more mature and when i got out of a relationship i noticed we have both kind of changed. Maybe for the best or maybe not but i do admit i change depending on who im with but not on purpose more like it just happens. the more i began to like him the more i changed towards others and him. i noticed he also started to change as well. people would notice im happier and that i loved him. then he started liking someone else and started to change again while we were dating. i noticed that something was going on… the next day he broke up with me and we weren’t as happy. still don’t talk but also we still have lingering feelings for each other. most likely never going to date him again though. Now that im single i feel a little more myself and not like im always being judged by the person i really like. So yeah…


Me and my ex just realized we were better off as friends and that maintaining a relationship was a sunk-cost effort (mostly due to long distance). We’re still great friends, but yeah. I think a relationship is like heatshock. Like with heatshock, being in love with someone opens you up to new ideas and influences, especially from them. However, if that applied heat is not maintained then the cells slowly start to become more resistant. Same thing with relationships… I knew my microbiology class would come in handy some day, just not in this way


Of course everyone has their core personality but depending on the relationship, history, situation, etc everyone’s demeanor changes and SHOULD change appropriately.

You obviously won’t curse every other word as you do with your friends if you were in front of your boss.
You obviously won’t pick your nose in front of your crush as you would if you were alone.
You obviously won’t be snappy to a person as you would to someone that’s previously wronged you.

This is not a girl-only thing.


Obviously you wouldn’t swear in front of your boos like you would in front of your friends… unless you’re on Wall Street that is


@Ka1serTheRoll one of the forums oldest vets used to use physics and linear algebra as examples to concepts he described,