Do We Really Have Freedom?


What do you think


Depends on to what extent you are referring. Technically speaking, an anarcho-capitalist society is the only way to achieve true freedom as each individual can make their own decisions. However, one could also make the argument that an AnCap society creates corporatism, which just allows corporations to oppress those less economically well off. However, on the other side of that having an anarcho-syndicalist system, while it would possibly avoid the issues of economic exploitation would also stump the freedom of the individual by mandating they give to the collective, which also impedes on personal freedom.

In my opinion, freedom only goes so far as to refer to actions which only affect the participating individual and any consenting partners. The government preventing you from going out and beating up some random individual on the street is not an infringement on your personal freedom since you physically assaulting another individual (without prior justification or the individual’s consent) infringes on said individual’s own rights and freedoms. The issue with this view is taxes. Since by not paying taxes you technically aren’t hurting anyone but rather are simply refusing to help, you aren’t infringing on the rights of others. That goes back to the ancap argument, but taxes are essential to build society, literally and metaphorically. Sorry if this answer was more an answer of the question “what is freedom” but I figured I’d set a baseline first

In the US, I believe we are mostly free. However, I also believe that our freedom could be expanded. Prostitution (as long as its consensual and regulations are put in place to ensure that and prevent coercion) , drug use, and medically-assisted suicide are all individual choices which are currently either banned or heavily restricted by the government despite them being completely individual choices.

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