Do you believe abortions should be legal? Until what stage in the pregnancy?


Basically what the title says. Should abortions be legal (I think most people will agree here) and until what point in the pregnancy?


No. Only if the mother’s life is in danger.

Birth Control and Condoms are too readily available for it to be an excuse.


What about sexual assault cases in which the women is the victim?


I believe a woman should be able to abort at pretty much any point, but I think an understandable middle ground is banning abortion after the fetus becomes viable unless the mother is in danger or the child would be a product of rape or incest.
Unfortunately, most anti-abortion advocates aren’t looking for a middle ground, for far too many of them life starts at conception and somehow sperm + egg = human being with unalienable rights.


I think people should be able to do whatever they want to their body.

Aborting another human life form is not doing something to your body. It’s destroying someone else’s.

Ban abortion after twelve weeks, except in the cases that there are complications.
Abortions should be accessible and safe.

Nobody should need to break abortion law. Laws are meant to be just.


Abortions should only be legal for the poor and in extreme circumstances like rape victims or if life-threatening.


lol why?


because the entirety of Western civilization is suffering from demographic collapse originating from within the middle/upper classes, and they have little room to argue that the child would be an untenable financial burden.




The middle and upper class have never produced enough. The poor always have and always will have higher birth rates.


If my memory serves me correctly the foetus is viable after 26 weeks, after this point it’s illegal to terminate it in the U.K. However after 20 weeks the foetus can feel pain, therefore I believe the foetus should only be allowed to be aborted after 20 weeks in exceptional medical circumstances.


24 weeks[1].

I currently agree with the UK’s current laws on abortion with the exceptional circumstances after 24 weeks (ie the child is physically/mentally retarded/rape baby).


I personally don’t think you become human until you live outside the mothers womb. So I’d support abortion for pretty much the whole pregnancy.

That being said, I think the decision should be left to solely the mother.


Irrespective of my moral judgement on whether abortion in and of itself is justifiable, I certainly hold to the view that abortions should be legal. Criminalising abortion risks causing some negative side effects, including impacting upon the mother’s health, that I’d rather not induce.


I love how so many of you think that forcing someone to have a child is just something you do. If you’re not in a position where you can give the child the proper care and love it needs, especially in the first few years of its life, bringing it into the world is not an act of goodness. You’re punishing the mother with additional stress, not to mention the child’s development.

Fetuses don’t have any level of consciousness as we know it. No one has memory of their time in the womb. You’re not saving anyone by making abortion illegal. You’re potentially ruining two people’s lives.


abortion should be allowed up to 3 months only, regardless, unless major medical reason


Condoms can break. Do you have to pay for birth control in the US?


I believe you can get condoms for free, but I’m not sure


What if the woman just doesn’t want the baby because she’s not ready yet or something?


Why only up to 3 months?