Do you believe abortions should be legal? Until what stage in the pregnancy?


Obviously she should have to just suck it up and be forced to bring a child into a family that doesn’t want it, where the potential is for a bad childhood at best and (exaggerating, but it’s known to happen) physical abuse at worst. That would be the best situation for everyone.



I don’t quite understand, so you think the mother should be forced to have to baby?


“/s” is “sarcasm”


Ah, thanks haha


What if they just don’t want the baby?


i really never understood this argument. “only if the mother’s life is in danger” what about the other 18 years that the mother has to care for this child, what if the father is absent so the mother is on a single income, what if the mother is in college/trying to advance her career and in 5 years she could be ready to have a child. this argument is why i find being against abortion to be so wrong. you’re seemingly okay with a child to be born into a poor quality of life for no reason, when they could have never existed in the first place.
it’s like the future doesn’t matter for the child or the mother, just them being born, then fuck em, they can live a shit life as long as the mother didn’t get an abortion.

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Lol morning after pill?


That’s not really that useful after you find out that you’re pregnant…


Their answer is adoption, because that works for the 400,000 other kids ready for adoption in the US at any given time.


Well yeah many women do take the morning after pill. Some just don’t realise they’re pregnant. I don’t think a woman, knowing that they’re pregnant and knowing she doesn’t want the baby, just leaves an abortion to the last minute for the sake of it.


You still have to be pregnant for nine months and give birth to a baby.


That was sarcasm. The fact that there are that many children up for adoption at any given time is testament that adoption is not a good alternative in this situation.


Why did you wrap me in this argument? I’m tenously pro choice. Very tenuously


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Yeah adoption is such a dumb argument, so many things can go wrong if a child ends up in the care system.




You can get condoms for free, but higher quality ones (Trojans) are purchasable at a grocery store and are very affordable.