Do you believe abortions should be legal? Until what stage in the pregnancy?


In my opinion, abortions should be legal for any reason within the first 24 weeks of pregnancy (before the baby is developed enough to be a human). If the mother doesn’t want the baby then they should be able to stop it - no reason needed. And the period should be as long as possible to give them time to make their decision so rushed & thus wrong ones are not made.
In the way of abortions after this period, if the mothers life is in danger, then yes, fair enough. But for no other reason. The current UK law allows this and also if they will have a disability - I believe that no matter what the baby is like, after this 24 week period they should be allowed to live - unless it will cause the mother and probably the baby to die.


they can still break, someone might use the wrong size. also they’re not necessarily affordable, some people can barely afford to buy food. if it was a choice between food and condoms, i think i’d choose food.


give her some kind of leeway to change her mind but after that the kid is starting to become a kid, so not really fair to butcher it then


It’s not a kid, it’s a foetus. Not really fair to force someone to have a baby who doesn’t want it.


no sure, let’s just throw the kids out with the trash, far less hassle than having to look after them


If you want to compare a fetus to a child I really hope you’re a vegan too.
The animals we slaughter for food are far more ‘alive’ than a fetus is, and far more like a delivered child, even in the later stages of pregnancy.


yeah so what, it’s an animal


I rest my case.


Why should you or anyone else choose how a woman treats her body?


Baby is a seperate person…


ask Rinveron - he advocates banning women from having sex in certain situations, best ask a leftie eh…


just to have you notified


too right - let’s see if he can deal with this one!

Like, he’s a leftie so must support pro-choice, but NOT when the choice is a woman having sex - like WFT!!!


Always happy to tackle a tough one.
@Frankie Just for a bit on context before I go into detail. I am pro choice as I don’t believe a group of cells is a human life. I am against prostitution because of the physiological issue women have to go through with this. Martina I support pro choice I don’t believe a cell is a human life (this is nothing about me being a left wing person). Now the issue with prostitution is I don’t want to stop a woman having sex (that is wrong). BUT I don’t think its right if sex becomes a “product” on the market. I don’t believe a woman should be allowed to sell their body to make money its not fair in any way and as the reasons I gave in the other thread about this issue i spoke about this due to physiological issue which cause women to go into prostitution. And I believe john said (correct me if I’m wrong) most women in prostitution would prefer not to be.

Thanks m8 :slight_smile:


how about women that choose to do it?
how about men that choose to do it?
how about fetues that are terminated late-stage?

do you agree with these



I don’t care if these are restricted except in life-threatening situations, people should have made their choice sooner.


So are we


Do what ? :slight_smile:

If the termination is due to the mothers (babies) life’s being at threat. Or rape and incest. Other than them 3 reasons late stage terminations i am against as the child is a living being rather than just cells and can live outside the body with medical help.


so are you saying that men should be allowed to marry their dogs? how about women…


plenty of people choose to do it - head on out to Thailand or Germany - check it out - now, how much would you need to be paid to suck a dick? wouldn’t you want to keep the money, let’s assume you were bi