Do you believe abortions should be legal? Until what stage in the pregnancy?


be hookers


I does not matter what gender do it the same response will be given.



how do you know that a bi guy would care that much if being paid to suck a dick? surely it’s their body, their right, their earnings - or do you just want them flipping burgers for you instead


Because as others have stated the majority of these people don’t do it because they want to but because they have to


how about those who do it for the extra money? they don’t ‘need’ to , but just want the extra


Why not? I don’t give a shit what other people do.


There are more reasons mentally which both me and you would never fully understand.


You’re not throwing a 6 year old ‘in the trash’, it’s an unborn foetus. How is getting rid of something you don’t want, more hassle than looking after it for the rest of its life, or at least a good 18 years.


and a hell of a lot more expensive to raise a child


230k actually seems kinda cheap compared to what I expected…


Agreed. First article on google :smiley: so could be wrong (I’m being lazy i think)


That article seems to assume you’re like middle/upper class and raising a kid. Like most people don’t pay for private education (the biggest expense on the list) or babysitting (when I was younger my mum just sent me to my grans house for baby sittin).


that is a pathetic dodge!
How about at least attempting to answer the question rather than hide behind a smokescreen of santimoniousness - it doesn’t wash

come on, how about the ones who do it purely for extra cash , why should they be banned?


Because no one should sell their body for cash . Its wrong to sell your body because of others becoming abusive .


I fail to see why it is wrong for someone to ‘sell their body’ just because they may or may not, at some point, be abused or get themselves hurt. Surely if they want to take that risk, they should be able to.


people do it all the time, it’s called manual work

and how the fuck is having sex with someone consensually ‘abusive’ - what if they just want the money and dont mind - what if someone offered you 200quid say


because you are having sex with people you don’t know. They are “penetrating” and “violating” your personal space and body when you hardly know them


same with a one night stand or quikie down the alley behind the pub - should that be banned now …


and if someone offered you 200 for an HJ - would you do it?