Do you believe abortions should be legal? Until what stage in the pregnancy?


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anyway, you still haven’t answered the question - which is why those who don’t rightly care about your so called ‘abuse’, ,why should they be prevented from earning, like are you gonna give them a job or something


i agree with abortion, For example, if a Woman is pregnant and she finds out that the baby is going to be very ill or suffer a disease like Noonan syndrome, which kills many children in the UK (plus my sister has it and it is serious to the point where she could die at any time) the mother of the child would have a choice. keep the baby and get all the support health care and help that the child will need, but have a not so good life as they would be struggling day by day with the disease. or abort the baby and prevent that baby from having a not so good life. after all and this to Trump, it is a womans choice, the baby is growing inside her womb.


I truly believe that, unless the mother is in direct danger from the pregnancy, then an abortion is wrong morally and logically. I don’t often like the moral argument as it focuses on emotion rather than logic, however the emotional argument is on par with the logical argument; which is the item created in the woman is an entirely unique entity. Once the sperm and the egg come together and create unique DNA then the entity is completely an individual.
The fact of the matter is, I cannot condone abortion in any sense of the way, it allows people to dehumanize the most human things we have, love and sex.


An individual yes, but not necessarily a separate part of the mother.

The logic you are using with sex and love being sacred and such can be applied to speak against condoms, polygamy, or sex before marriage.


It is a human, not some parasite disease. To remove it would be to dash that exact sequence of DNA from all of history and the universe.

Not at all. My logic applies to only actions taken to create life. I’ll address sex before marriage first. Sex is needed to keep the species alive, that is really what it boils down to, marriage is just a stabilizer so the two parties have fiscal and social reasons to remain with their partner and child. I am not coming from the Christian standpoint, as I am an atheist; meaning marriage is a pretty outdated and in-need of updating concept in my eyes. Next point, polygamy. I don’t see how my argument addresses this, polygamy has nothing to do with physically removing unique individuals from existence, it actually often produces more than you would think possible. Now condoms (and I’ll throw birth control in general in to this) is a pretty damn good argument on your part, however using condoms does not destroy the unique DNA nor does this dehumanize the action of love and sex as it still keeps the emotional and physical connection between the two parties.
What I meant by abortion dehumanizing the most human things we have, love and sex, is that once a man inseminates a woman, they have taken action to create life; however once you squash out that life, that unique individual, you are dehumanizing the result of love and sex.


Interesting standpoint, however, I do not believe it is the role of the state to enforce such beliefs on other people.

Since the action itself does not directly “hurt” a fully developed human in the true sense (depending on the stage), I think it should be up to the individual to decide whether she wants to have a child or not.

It is a very major commitment for a woman to be pregnant, and is physically hindering, so if such events are accidental, I do not think individuals should have to bear the weight of that mistake for 9 months (minimum).


The fact of the matter is, the developing individual within the woman has a right to life, just as you and I do. If you don’t want a child use birth control, schools offer it in almost all states. However you should not impose upon the developing individual if it so happens to have formed, as that would be equal to me shooting someone for using welfare.


What about with regards to situations where birth control fails or someone gets raped or a partner lies about using birth control?


Unless the baby poses a physical danger to the individual, it should be allowed to develop. There is a reason we have laws that make killing pregnant women more heinous than just killing a person, because you are killing two individuals.

Rape victims are terribly sad people, so are men who are tricked into becoming fathers, however the issue is not about them, it is about if unique and developing humans are worthy of the right to life. I say they are, you say they aren’t.


Fair enough