Do you believe in equality under the law for women, children and gays?


Do you believe in equality under the law for women, children and gays?

I do for gays but not for women and children.

When it comes to women and children, I think men are duty bound to put family duty and responsibilities above themselves and thus men should not consider themselves as equal to women and children. Men should put the needs of women and children ahead of their own.

Think in terms of the good logic of the law of the sea and it being applied to land.

It is said by many that the courts favor women in most divorce cases. Given that almost 50% of all household are maned by single women, are our courts thinking more as I do and does that make them dishonest in terms of equality under the law?



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“…equality under the law…”

You can instill within the society that we should protect each other, but if we’re strictly speaking about a written law - uh, hell yes I believe in equality under the law for both men and women regardless of age, gender, sexual preference, religion, what have you.


Thanks for this.

What are your thoughts on the law of the sea that puts women and children above men?

I am a man who favors that law.

Please give us your female thinking and why you think as you do.



Yes, I am a female. While I appreciate the notion that men should protect women and children, I believe my belief is more towards people should protect other people.

I don’t understand why a written law should specify which sex or gender is protected and which is not. People should look out for each other. Period.


That’s certainly an odd way of putting it…


The law should provide equal rights to everyone because this could allow women who are better than most men, who may be the minority of women, do what most men do. And these could be applied in the opposite way too. Some men may be able to do traditional women’s job and role better than most women. The law should not restrict and limit one 's development in the society. Everyone should have the same treatment by the law. Of course this is moral too.

The sea law you referred is something other. This is applied because women and children are more vulnerable and fragile so their posibilities of surviving are lower and so men who are stronger receive less help. Moreover women and men may more possibly than men produce new lives through reproduction.


Indeed, but I guess that they saw to many male cowards, like Captain Coward, if you recall that was he Italian, Captain.

As a male, I just think it is my first duty to wife and family to insure their safety over my own.

I sometimes feel in the minority.




Do you think a gatherer will think the same way as a hunter?

Or have you forgotten that that is what (generally speaking) men and women are.

Are your chivalrous inclinations, if you have them, and your perceived family responsibilities, the same as the women in your family?

Men are usually the stronger.
Should the strong in a family defend and care for the weak or should the strong expect the weak to defend and care for them?



A balanced reply. Thanks.



My point is that the way you phrased it is just a little weird


Do you still think it weird after my reply or do you recognize that men and women might just think in different ways?

I think you are a man. Do you think like a woman?

Do you recognize that a hunter will not think like a gatherer?



Under the law, yes. However women and men play their role in the majority. There should be no reason to punish the minority for acting out of place, just don’t idolize it or else it surely will become the majority.


I personally wasn’t offended by the way you initially phrased it. As much we should acknowledge the way we think is a combination of MANY factors aside from our gender, such as our background, our financial status, occupation, our culture, etc, I do acknowledge that gender does play a role as that largely contributes to who we are and what roles we play (or are expected to play) in our society. You yourself asked, “do you think a gatherer will think the same way as a hunter”

But going back to the original post, men aren’t always the strong, or the captains, or the hunters. In my family and in many families I’ve encountered, women hold significantly important roles in their family setting and workplace. My mom who is a waitress makes a hell of a lot more than my dad who is a factory manager. I, an engineer, makes hell of a lot more than my brother who is a chef. My mom does more of the “protecting” in our family. It’s her personality that is more efficient in making big decisions and setting goals for the family that drives our family toward success, definitely more so than my dad. I have a stronger personality than my brother. While I don’t physically need to “protect” my brother, I was the one that got him his job, I pay for his car, I do his taxes, because I’m better at some things than him and because I can. So if the WRITTEN law REQUIRED that only men do such things (in the context that we’re no longer hunters and gatherers…), it would disadvantage my family greatly.



I agree.




Thanks for this.

Seems your mom is an excellent gatherer.

The roles can indeed flip flop depending on what is required, and yes, to lock them to male female labels only, by law or custom, would not be the way to go.



Each couple has the right to agree on how they split the work. If one person wants to work while the other stays at home that’s fine. If they both want to work that’s fine. If they don’t want to have children, that’s fine. As long as at least one of them is working and they’re not a total drain on the government I’m cool. Children are people just like anyone else and thus deserve the same rights.


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