Do you ever do weird, embarrassing stuff when you're home alone?

I get a song stuck in my head and I keep singing it but replace as many words as I can with the dirtiest words I can come up with.

And not softly either. I sometimes wonder if my neighbors can hear me.

And then a little while ago I caught myself singing along tunelessly to the TV when “I Got You Babe” by Sonny and Cher came on.

Except I was hugging my dog and waiting for the appropriate time for him to sing Cher’s part.

After awhile he walked off and started licking himself.
[SIZE=1]Which is coincidentally, something Cher used to do as well.[/SIZE]


I really dont do anything strange… :frowning:

I tend to yell at the TV a lot. Especially during 24 or if I accidentally turn on CNN.

i sometimes think i’m thom yorke and sing in a high falsetto voice to various radiohead songs.

walk around naked.

talk to people on offtopicz naked.

not really cause I am almost always at home alone

I’ve been known to sing really loud, and it’s usually way the hell off key.

Or I randomly just yell at things.

I play with my swords. No shit. I fuckin love my home-alone adventures. giggle giggle snort snort

Talk to my dog and be the voice of my dog talking back to me!

That’s really strange, it’s like Mr Hat and Mr Garrison!

I do so many weird embarrassing things when I’m not home alone anyway. Although I do love to play with Matt’s music stuff even though he tells me not to. If there is a banjo and a karimba laying around your house, you do not just leave that stuff alone.

I sometimes do re-inactments of bull riding this usually ends up being somthing that is the day after a fall. Trying to go over the scenario again so the mistake doesn’t happen again. I sure my dogs find it hilarious.

Actually, the stuff that I do when I’m home alone, I do also in front of my Wife and Daughter…which is basically what a few of you guys said already:

I change the words of songs when I’m singing them
I talk back to the TV and the radio

I make cartoon character, (and other character), noises…

I guess I just like to make some noise when I’m awake!

I always do stupid shit…too much to really type about

Oh god, my mom does that whenever the Hockey games on or if she watching realTV

I yell at the hockey games

you take after mom their ,:smiley:


Does naked yoga count?


Don’t tell me you didn’t know that was coming!:wink:

…and, not only that, Peter, but saying it “out loud” is cruel and unjustified torture!!:wink:

We are then left powerless, as guys are, by the soft-spoken, titilating voice of an angelic female who knows the power she possesses!