Do you go to church?

Just wondering what the consensus is around here. If you don’t mind list what kind of church you do or have attended.

I’m a good Catholic…I go on major holidays…sometimes :24:

I used to go when I was little…then stopped going for about 6-7 years, but I started going again after I got pregnant. I go to a very progressive Baptist Church, but used to go to a very conservative baptist church.

I’m a buzzard baptist, we g when there’s something dead, or something to eat :24:

Kidding we go almost every Sunday if we can

i was going catholic for a while a few years ago, but stopped when i was refused entrance one day because i was wearing blue jeans and a t-shirt.

Been in a church when I was younger, only because I was pretty much made to go. Voted “Never” though.

i used to go when i was younger and i would go with my pop. But since I was smart enough to make my own decisions i haven’t gone. church is stupid and pointless. it would be an hour + of my time.

I used to when I was younger because I was made too. Now I do not go, but will watch a sermon usually every Sunday on TV.

I used to go when I was a child up until I was probably 10, well one factor was I moved to a different town. I was never baptized and I never went to the church my family was a member of anyways. I always attended a Baptist church and my family is Episcopalian. I grew older and went through phases even at certain points questioning if there was a God on the verge of atheism but I always believe in something more than what we can see. I’ve come to learn you don’t need church and religion to believe in God or to read the Bible. Why do I need to donate money to a church to follow God and learn about Jesus? When the man we call Jesus himself was against the whole ideaology.

Ugh thats worse than going to church. Just evangelists cashing in on people in the name of God and Jesus.

i was born and raised catholic. went to church at least two times a week (mainly because i went to catholic school all my life up until college and we HAD to go) and absolutely hated it. i’m not a fan of organized religion, but i will not hold it against you. since i was younger, my beliefs have changed quite a bit and i’d rather consider myself agnostic. still trying to figure out my beliefs though. shrugs

thats something else that bugs me. like its no longer great that ppl go on Sundays but now they should go 3 or 4 times a week.

exactly. i got real sick of being FORCED to go. i’d like to go back to church someday. whenever i figure out who and what i believe in. but for now, i’d rather not go.

Been to a few different Christian churches… but nothings really fit. I go with my family on the holidays… and that’s about it.

Got brought up Jehovahs Witness going twice a week, then they disowned me and wont speak to me, its great, it’s very easy to get rid of them now when they knock on my door. :D:thumbup

LOL peter! i can always count on you for a laugh. :slight_smile: thank youuuu!

It’s the truth though, honest. :nod:

No. Churches should be burned down. They’re filled with greedy bastards that want your money and self-delude millions of people across the world.

I dunno what’s worse church goers or this way of thinking.

I agree, beautiful buildings, turn them all into gyms and youth clubs, I say. :nod: