Do you still care what people think?

I was just thinking the other day how I lost that feeling of caring of what other people thought of me. Pretty weird, I used to obsess a bit. Now I don’t give a flying fuck.

I don’t care either. You worry too much if you care.

Im with springsteen - You definately worry too much if you care about what everyone things… Not everyone will like you.

Oh i wish :stuck_out_tongue:

if only u were closer…

I was thinking the same thing…

i’ll bring the camera:)

I do, to an extent. We all do, whether we like it or not. We’re human. :nod:

I do a bit, but if I feel like acting like a goof, I don’t really care what people think as long as I’m enjoying myself. I know I notice people so I’m sure others notice me and have an opinion, but if I don’t know you and I’ll likely never see you again, I don’t really care.

I got busted once singing “I’m so excited” when I was getting out the car. It was great!

I care what prople close to me think.


I do care to a certain extent. I just don’t worry about it enough to prevent me from being me.

If you’re gonna like me, I want you to like me for who I am… not who you think I am or who you think I should be.

Depends on the person. Most people I don’t care at all, the people close to me I care allot about what they think

I care about what others think of me… I am a people please by nature.

Of course I do a little, but I grew out of it a lot. When I was younger is was much more important to me. I’m pretty sure that goes for just about everyone.

I do care what people think of me. I am always trying to be that golden hope among people and trying to bring a smile to everyone’s face.