Does anyone own anything fur?

My boyfriend’s mom gave me a rabbit fur neck wrap for Christmas- not something I would buy for myself, kinda not into the whole wearing animals thing, but it is really nice and I can’t see how it could have been particularly cheap, so I did use it. Now I need to clean it before storing it over the summer. There are no specialists in Oxford. Or anywhere around from what I can tell.

Does anyone know how to clean it? I’ve heard to just rub cornmeal into it and then shake it out, but that doesn’t seem quite right…

I don’t know the answer, but check with your local department store - the one I worked at long ago actually had a cleaning and storage service for all types of furs. . .so they might know. I’ll check around, though and see if I can find an answer in the meantime - my Grandmother has some furry things.

Ooh. Department store! Good idea Goddess!

I would go ask a local dry cleaners place what they suggest doing, but DO NOT have them dry clean it, the fur will melt.

When I cleaned my coyote coat they told me to do it in cool water and then let it dry in clean dry air. Or even a cool air dryer.

I’m not sure if coyote fur and rabbit fur react the same to being washed tho, so I wouldn’t do that with out making sure.

Don’t feel bad about owning fur unless if it comes from a fur farm, trapping is a dying industry, and industry that is extremely needed in the ecosystem.

Today I’ll hit up Nielson’s and the dry cleaners. I’m not going to bring it with me, I don’t think… I’ll just go ask questions and then bring it back once I’m sure our cold weather is gone.

my mum used to gently hand wash hers in cold water with a gentle soap then press dry it in a towel.