Does God want us to judge him?


Does God want us to judge him?

I think that God wants us to judge him. We are to emulate Jesus. Jesus judged God and found him wanting.

Upon taking the judgement seat, Jesus indicated that it was time to retire Yahweh. Jesus saw Yahweh as no longer fit to rule over or judge man. Man had in essence graduated to his rightful place as the judge of all the Gods.

Christians, who are told by their own scriptures to judge righteously, are not doing so when it comes to Yahweh.

1 Thessalonians 5:21 Test all things; hold fast what is good.

Yahweh is quite a vile God. It is no wonder that Yahweh does not show his face around Christians. They would kill him. Jesus did say that he came to bring War. Perhaps he meant war against God, which would be following Jewish tradition.

If God wants us to judge him, why do most Christians not judge God in a righteous and moral manner?

Place no God above me, means that God wants us to judge all the Gods, including himself, to insure he is the best of the best. How else could we know that Yahweh was the best God to follow?

Do you agree, or are we not supposed to judge God?



Sunt nulli dei, sunt nulli prophetae, sunt solum homines

There are no gods, there are no prophets, there are only men


Tell the religious and perhaps they will stop thinking that their God wants them to be homophobic and misogynous.

I do but they do not want to believe me and that is why I tend to use morals as a lever. Sometimes they care about those, depending on the depth of the corruption of their moral sense their religion has produced.



Why are you so against religion @Greatest_I_am ?
Have you always been anti-religion?


No. I owe religion quite a bit for the social help I received when young.

I also owe religion quite a bit for their guidance away from religion that I received when I became an adult.

I was not anti-religion until after I leaned more about how things really are.

Recognition of reality will make all believers leave their vile religions and putrid Gods.

Why do you not hate those who are morally defective and who adore a genocidal son murdering God and who promote homophobic and misogynous religions?