Does Joe want more peeps?


Just wonderin if its ok to invite others to our party?

If not thats cool too I just noticed no answers? :wtf


yea, you can invite whoever…


its an open pubic… err I mean public forum :smiley:


again I will say no twat or porn shit… IN RESPECT OF ME!!! since I am owner and all…


Maybe we will be scared when you learn how to properly bann someone.


Yea there are certain people on MF wed just as soon not have over here :frowning:


K I will invite some friends…Just don’t invite Nurse I will never get her off the computer :blah


:lol Cause you never get off :lol


:lol Cause you never get off :lol[/quote]

I bet he can with that chic in his avitar :smiley:


You know he wishes he could :hump :lol :o


When she comes home I will :hump her until her eyes are floating :rock


red, you are a very horny man… where can I find a man like that?

jk joe :banana


[quote=vshayes]red, you are a very horny man… where can I find a man like that?

jk joe :banana[/quote]

Damn V I guess I shoulda went to Georgia :dunno


lol… you said nurse went to atlanta right? Me and joe are planning our anniversary there… I think… not sure anymore.


I will be going to atlanta to race the Stang in the spring. I have a friend with a Srt4 there that needs a good ass whoopin delivered by RedStang :rock


I think joe is gonna get a dyno at modular powerhouse… and probably put a snow injection kit on the car… or something like that.


Sounds like fun wish i was still down there heheheh… But i like the Warm here and the peace and quiet not living in that house >>>> So maybe not …Hay Red were you racing ??? are you gona be at the FFW if Baytown the last week end in april ???