was a pretty good movie…and thats about all i have to say this morning. :tard


I kinda wanna see that movie. Maybe I will. I also want to see the one about Nicholas Cage as a illegal gun runner. That looks like a good one. Can’t remeber the name though. :dunno


something like the business of war?


Yeah I think thats what it was.


Nic’s new movie is called “Lord of War”. i wanna see it too. hes one of my fav actors, PERIOD !!! i kinda want see Domino, but havent completely decided yet…last movie i saw was Transporter 2. that movie kicked ass…now im just waiting for the ones i want to come out on dvd: Stealth, Dukes of Hazzard, and Transporter 2…i think theres one or 2 more that i want…just cant think of 'em right now at this point in time. there arent that many new movies coming out that i wanna see, but, i DO wanna see “Doom”. i used to play the hell outta that game. the first person view should kick ass they way it looks from the previews


i want to see the movie doom. that looks like a kick ass movie.


i want to see doom too!! THe rock is in it!


Re: RE: Domino

hes actually not a bad movie actor. yes, wrestling is fake, and all they do is act like they hit/kick each other, but, movie wise…he really isnt that bad of an actor. i was surprised by his acting abilities to be honest about it


I’m waiting for Saw 2


ROCKY 6 baby!!! can’t wait to see that! :rock