Donald Trumps visit to the UK


According to the latest reports, Donald Trump will be visiting the UK later this year. The date has not yet been set for this non-state visit.

In a phone call Donald Trump told Theresa May that he wont visit unless he is given a warm welcome. In the same phone call he criticised the way he had been portrayed in the UK media.

Do you think Donald Trump should be given a state visit at some point?
Should he be allowed in the country at all?
How do you think people will react?


1.) He should be given a state visit, because as unlikeable as he may be he is the President of the United States and while the U.S’s influence is diminishing in the world, it’s still quite extensive. It’d unsmart imo, to anger him unnecessarily.
2.) Yes lol.
3.) I feel like there’ll be mixed reactions like always. Some will love him, some hate him, others who are eh about it.


I, for one, will be out on the streets when he arrives here.

Not so much a welcome committee more of a piss-off committee :joy:


Exactly lol. You’re one of those who hate him, so you’ll be sure to give him the bird if you see him.