Dont Forget


Dont forget about our showcases!! Make yours today! :slight_smile:


how do I get it to show above my avatar?


have you set one up yet?

Click on your profile up top… then name your showcase and start setting it up. It uses HTML codes. Let me know if you need any help.


oh, I created a personal gallery (i think…) but that’s a different thing. thx veronica! btw can i have my rank back? :smiley:


your rank?

are you talking about custom title/rank?


Re: RE: Dont Forget

[quote=vshayes]your rank?

are you talking about custom title/rank?[/quote]

yeah, i loved it much before some asshole took it away :smiley: lol


Don’t forget what again?!


OK, I got it working, check it out


Hurt, if you want a new custom title, PM me w/ the name and I will change it… It will cost you 1000 tokens to change your own.


i like the last one he had. im dying to find out who did that. anyone have any ideas on who it could of been