Downandup Virus Infects 9 Millions Microsoft Computers

Windows security is having a hard time keeping up with fixing customer’s computers that have been infected by a worm called the Downandup, Downadup, Kido!, and the Conficker. It is believed that this virus is being uploaded onto computers through infected USB drives.The virus will trick people into running it by modifying the “autorun” that […]

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In order to avoid it we recommend that you turn off the AutoRun on your computer.

That has been disabled on my machine since for years.

Autorun? I don’t friggin’ think so!

Thanks for the info :thumbup

doesnt say how to fix it… i dont even use usb thumb drives… i hope avast has something for this…

Windows is so infectible! My mac that I’ve had fir 2 years has not has a single virus.

i’m thinking about buying a mac here soon, to hell what i see the stereotype of mac users as. I’ll keep my old computer for windows so i can play my star wars games, other than that i might run linux too… :24:

Dude we only have Windows at my school. They are so slooowwwww!!! And we have macs with the Parallel program those are the only ones that go fast.

Mac’s have viruses but aren’t targeted because windows machines have a huge market share. Mac’s probably are faster but that is due to they control the machines their software is loaded on. Windows has no control over hardware configurations. A properly built windows machine can be just as fast as any mac.

A side note-
I use vista and haven’t run anti-virus software for over a year because they put such a huge load on computers. No virus’s. Just be a savvy computer user and you’ll be set. If they can find a way to build anti-virus software so that it doesn’t kill my machine then I’ll use it.

Giz Explains: How a Brainy Worm Might Jack the World’s PCs on April 1

I read about this on CNN and they were going ape shit, basically saying this is going to be the end of the Internet and that we’ll be back in the stone ages. Read from a source that doesn’t panic about shit, like the above link, and you’ll get some real information. As they said near the bottom, if you’re patched and up to date (and as KpAtch said) just use some common sense, you’ll be fine.

Microsoft sucks.

Go APPLE! :thumbup:thumbup