Drag racing games


dont know if this should go here or in suggestions/feedback, but i guess it can be moved.

anyway, i was googling around on that thar intarwebnet, and there are some flash games about racing and stuff. i couldnt check them while at work, but maybe someone else could look into them and see if they are worth putting up here? also, can flash do multiplayer (over net) games? itd be cool to race people on the forums.

also i dunno if this exists, but i think it would be cool for a game to be based on trick driving - ie. burnouts, donuts, etc… i dont know flash or anything but if someone does maybe they can write it? :gears :gears


I can edit flash files, put up a link to the game and I’ll gank the flash file and what I can do with it.


ill try, ill have to wait till i get home from work though, cant get to most of them from here. but if anyone else is reading this and wants to help out, go and google for games and send them joes way!


here is one i have played pretty cool kinda ricey though



[quote=blank]here is one i have played pretty cool kinda ricey though

thats a pretty cool game. i like it.


i cant get to that game from here - whats it like?


Alright…I’ve been playing that game. I set the distance at 1320. But I keep running a 25.XX with a turbo’d Murcielago.

25.XX @ 144 MPH.



i think its in meters…


how do you use nitrous?