How often do you guys drink?

I usually drink every night, unless I go out to do something, like track night or something. It seems that since I started drinking a year or so ago, it’s enjoyable and really passes the time. I get bored when I don’t drink. Social gatherings aren’t as fun w/o drinking. I don’t crave it, I just enjoy it. Maybe I’m an alchy.



I don’t drink period. Alcohol is nasty to me. :dunno


I think beer taste like piss :barf . I could drink, but it don’t mix well with me. Whiteman have bad firewater.


most of the time, its thursday, friday, saturday, and FOOTBALL sunday. there are times i will drink almost every day… depending on how the paycheck looks…


I love the alcohol. I drink usually 4-5 times a week, usually after I get off work. Mmmm…beer… :booze


MMMMMMMMMMMMM BEERRRRRRRRRRRRRR :booze I like Da cold gold stuff too. I could drink beer day in and day out if I didn’t have to work or sleep :smiley:


Yea, I look forward to getting off work so I can go home and have a beer…


beer tastes like piss to me too!! I like bacardi raz or smirdoff green apple.


i don’t drink


Re: RE: Drinking…

You know what piss tastes like!? Joe must be kinky. :smiley:

I like Smirnoff Triple Black myself…


I have always said the same thing, beer tastes like piss! I like Raspberry Smirnoff and Long Island Ice Tea.


hah./. i never tasted piss, BUT if I ever did, I am sure it would taste like beer! lol…


Re: RE: Drinking…

womens drinks are nasty… to me, that stuff tastes like piss… :barf


it got out of hand,so i quit every day is not a good thing,put it in the bank,i know. :gives


i drink on social occasions, when at school that can be 3-5 times a week, now that im home working for the summer maybe once a week.


I don’t drink anything but water, kool-aid, soda, and fruit juice. No alcohol for me.


you all need AA…I don’t drink or do anything…I’m sXe


Quit drinking Alky totally a while back. I was depending on it to much. Wasn’t facing up to my personal issues. I look back at all the times when I had stressfull issuesand problems that seemed so hard to face. I used it for escaping. We all have to look at why we drink. It always starts out socially but drink long enough and it will be your crutch.

But if you can deal with your alchohol consumption thats cool too.
I look at it this way too, Enjoy life but don’t over do the self indulgence thing.


All I ever drink is Pepsi. Occasionally another kind of pop, like Vanilla Pepso, or Mountain Dew. Nothing alcoholic though.


I haven’t ahd anything to drink for like 2 weeks… after I got that heartburn from that smirnoff and I drank a half a bottle of peptol which did nothing.