Driving A 2005 Mustang GT


I have yet to drive a 2005 mustang. I went to a dealership that a friend is a saleman at and was joking about driving one and it didn’t happen. I went to a used car lot and asked what it would take to test drive a 2005 Mustang and It didn’t happen. Dam, I am going to have to tell them I want to drive one and stop being nice about it. Is it just me or what.


just tell them your interested in buying one and you want to take it out for a test drive. then when you come back to the dealership make something up and say nah im not interested in it anymore. thanks tho. bye bye


tell them to give you the damn car… then run w/ the keys!


i like that idea better. listen to V. she’s a smnart woman


I am going to goto some other dealership and tell them I want a test drive a Mustang GT. Friends sometimes don’t help. I could never buy a car from him. I would piss him off.