Drunk AOL Threads


revolution8k: and i’m drunk. so don’t mind my tarash talkiding
revolution8k: and bade spedlling
o4 ShakeR: hehe
o4 ShakeR: its ok
o4 ShakeR: lmao you are trashed dood
revolution8k: i just dont’ care when i’m drunk. when i’m sos9onber i backaspaece
revolution8k: lol
revolution8k: haha
o4 ShakeR: haha
o4 ShakeR: backspace gets no love!
revolution8k: teh backspace can fucki itseflf when i’m drunked
revolution8k: ahahaa
o4 ShakeR: LMAO
o4 ShakeR: that’s amazing
revolution8k: i’ve only had 5 though. thats’s the saddd thingii think.
o4 ShakeR: wow

revolution8k: i wish i could drive drunk, cause then i’d wanna be drunk all the time. I’m lactually laughiing more than i have in a olong time cause i can’t type or make cohereenet sentences in my ownw myind and i don’t acare.
revolution8k: offoticysis
revolution8k: oftopicse
revolution8k: damnit
revolution8k: offtypics
revolution8k: DAMNIT
revolution8k: off
revolution8k: top
revolution8k: icz
revolution8k: there
o4 ShakeR: so your laughing at yourself and finding it horumous?
o4 ShakeR: don’t worry i wont post it on offoticysis
revolution8k: LMAO
revolution8k: post it. that whawey when i’m sober i can see the shit i said
revolution8k: haha
o4 ShakeR: you “can” drive drunk
revolution8k: : rock :
revolution8k: i can
o4 ShakeR: some ppl just get mad…

revolution8k: 195 FROONT wheel hp
o4 ShakeR: ooo hehe
revolution8k: 193ish really
o4 ShakeR: that’s pretty low
revolution8k: but in a 2600 lb car thats not that bad
o4 ShakeR: o yeah true
o4 ShakeR: you got like 600pounds on me
revolution8k: with a 7 lb flywheel and a clutch deisngined for a capacity of 400 hp i’ll be down in the 1`4s easy
o4 ShakeR: little more
o4 ShakeR: 14s?

revolution8k: exhaust, procharger, cluth, flywheel, straight catback, chrome tips, 00 cobra rims, 1.5" lowering
revolution8k: black… fucking sick
revolution8k: SIC i tell you.
revolution8k: i can’t tell you how much of a hardon i get when i think of buying and building a fox liek that

revolution8k: so did erica
revolution8k: and i got to feel them all up
revolution8k: reminisces

revolution8k: i 've had 6 alcoholic befverages
revolution8k: and maybe 3 ciaregetetes

revolution8k: yeah i was sitin on the couch.
revolution8k: haha time for bed. i feel sick. lol


haha James you’re a lightweight! I’m not even that trashed after 6! Usually takes me like 9 to get that way. lol.



“teh backspace can go fuck itself” is just…Priceless!

good sh!t spanis!


yeah lmao kiddo, i was entertained all night. He kept me laughing :lol


:rofl :rofl :rofl :rofl :rofl


bahaha i was hoping you’d post this. lol

The last time I drank besides at the concert was in December. and I never really drank that much before anyway.


thats how I get too because I dont drink often… I also get very loud… ask bacon! lol


Re: RE: Drunk AOL Threads

poor bacon! :lol




somes one said drunk :booze


revolution8k: so did erica
revolution8k: and i got to feel them all up
revolution8k: reminisces

I can’t believe I spelled reminisces correctly when I was drunk. lol

oh and yes, I still have her bra… :smiley:

… but that’s cause she got a new cell phone so I can’t get a hold of her.


Re: RE: Drunk AOL Threads

poor bacon! :lol[/quote]

oh and, poor bacon my ass. He’s always ripping on someone. :fu


you all are a bunch of light weights…


Re: RE: Drunk AOL Threads

thats what i said


I’m just starting to get :booze I love Wisconsin :banana


you better double your efforts