Dunkirk Movie


The movie was brilliant. It needs a thread to itself.

Almost cried at several times during the movie, but the ending really did it for me and made me cry. I’m a million times more patriotic for it.



#Likely to contain spoilers


It was an absolutely great film. I love the acting. Like I said in a previous thread, the one about the hack-job journalist crying about “white-washing”, Harry Styles was a surprise. Tom Hardy, the pilot, is good as usual.


I still think German submarines are cooler.


If you haven’t seen this movie ^, by the way, I’m ashamed of you.


too long without enough action, too much of the same background tick noises


I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Although being military and a history buff I did have to suspend my knowledge and desire for certain historical accuracies - mostly concerning the Air Force element.

The end result was me bursting out laughing when I noticed something in the closing seconds of the film.

@Rick I actually found the ticking helped reinforce the element of time being against the British.

All in all I found it quite a tasteful approach to an entire situation (not a single unit or person) and was handled correctly.


I love how a veteran who was there in Dunkirk said it was like he was there all over again. Nolan, as always, did an amazing job.


A lot of my friends who are History buffs (postgraduates) have welcomed how accurate it was and how it was portrayed. Although one inaccuracy I didn’t like was the fact that they didn’t show them abandoning all of their equipment and tanks etc. That would have been of epic proportions.

What did you laugh at? I was busy crying when he read the speech out.


It is remarkably accurate in certain aspects. Nolan 'fessed to a few inaccuracies from the bat - the Yellow nose on the Me 109 for example. But the Tom Hardy’s Spitfire, for example, was purely magical.

To be fair there was a fair impression of the amounts of kit abandoned, The vehicles being used as piers, row upon row of rifle lining the wall on the approach to the hospital ship. Vehicles parked at the top of the beach abandoned. On the flip, don’t you think Dunkirk just looked picturesque for a city being bombed, shelled and mortared?

I know that speech inside and out, I was reciting it along with it… apart from adding the Churchillian enthusiasm around “with growing confidence and strength in the air”. It was quite nice seeing it in context mind. But still, it was a minor detail at the end that has me cock my head like a puppy and laugh - the spell broken. Where’s the engine block?


Had I not been with my friends, I would’ve. Definitely had a lump on my throat. I really loved Tom Hardy in that. Seeing the plane, with that music and scenery, was just a beautiful shot.


felt less like a reinforcement and more like bashing me over the head with the obvious


Good film, although could be a little cheesy at times. Like when Tom Hardy stands in front of his burning plane at the end, or when the white cliffs of Dover seem to amaze and awe these battle-struck soldiers who’ve just seen their best mates shot dead in front of them. Found it amusing (maybe that’s the wrong word) that the French soldiers were all dirty and ugly whilst the British soldiers were basically all supermodels like Harry Styles; and almost no attention at all was paid to the French soldiers keeping the Germans at bay to save British lives. I also found it weird that just as Britain is leaving the EU this film about British soldiers evacuating from the European mainland comes out! Is Nolan a Brexiter?

Either way best film i’ve seen in a while, and I usually prefer wordy dramas to action-packed war films.


I thought that the Wehrmacht was put on hold while the Luftwaffe attacked Dunkirk alone by Göring’s orders, thus giving the troops time to escape? Most German generals thought the halt was insane.


Yeah it was probably one of the biggest mistakes the Germans made in the whole of WWII.

But the French were still pretty vital in keeping the German army out of Dunkirk (if they hadn’t saved Lille the Dunkirk story would be a very different one), and when they finally got there the majority of the troops they captured were French. This part of the story was given much less attention; instead of focusing on Dunkirk as a British operation in which French soldiers played a minor part, Nolan could have presented it as an Allied operation in which both French and British soldiers and citizens were vital in saving hundreds of thousands of British soldiers. This is my only minor qualm with the film, and I am more amused at it being just another example of classic British exceptionalism in film-making than being actually pissed off. I thoroughly enjoyed the film, although think it’s a far cry from some of his more complex and experimental work (i.e Memento).


They had a scene clearly showing the French defending the barricade while the British seemed to be just standing around on the beach for hours, and I felt like throughout the film there was clear tension between the French and British over the evacuation issue. If the British had recently landed they very well would look less ragged than the French soldiers who had been fighting for longer. From the perspective of showing British disdain for the French he did a great job. “British exceptionalism” isn’t really what came to mind when they were trying to force the “Frog” off the boat to certain death.


Why let the truth ruin a perfectly good story…

The film is a British perspective… the truth for the French was much grimmer. The French side of the story deserves its own film. As you mentioned the battle for Lille was heroic in perspective. The rearguard wasn’t wholly French though, the British I Corp’s assisted until they were evacuated. The film does play a little bit with time, depicting the evacuation as one instant… not really the 8 days of action.

As the British forces were evacuated the French held the line as the I Corps pulled out on the 31st, the French holding the line allowed for the majority of the French to be evacuated. The thing is for more than half of the French forces that were evacuated it was a brief respite. They were quickly resettled, reorganised and redeployed to Normandy and Brittany, where most were killed or captured before France’s final capitulation… Not quite the warm glow of a reinvigorated Tommy sat on a train eating an apple, drinking a beer, reciting the words of a famous Churchill speech.

But as I said more a story worthy of its own depiction.


“The Luftwaffe can attack Dunkirk alone”
“The Luftwaffe can make Britain surrender alone”
“The Luftwaffe will stop the invasion at Normandy alone”

If Göring wanted to sabotage the German war effort on purpose, he wouldn’t have done such a great job if he tried. His job, apparently, was being wrong all the time. It always amuses me to think that this war criminal jackass was once the commander of Von Richtofen’s Jagdgeschwader 1 after the Red Baron’s death.