Dunno wtf is wrong with the boards this morning


I haven’t done anything with offtopicz this morning, the error I’ve been getting off and on for the last 30 minutes is a server file not one of my files so… I hope it doesnt last long Im contacting the server. Anyone know exactly how long this has been happening?


i havent noticed it yet…


Happened once for me and I F5’ed the bitch and she worked.



OMFG…It was doing it for about 30 minutes. Started about 8. I was like wtf!!!


as of right now, everything is fine for me. :slight_smile:


You drunk Md :booze


guess its fine now :banana


No probs fur meh. I must have missed it. :wtf


Sorry Joe, I was haxoring your database and I must have left the brute force program running when I ran out to my appointment at the free clinic this morning.



i didn’t notice anything, guess everthing’s all right now