Easter and more


Signing please because he see the egg in Mama’s hand and he was hungry.

Coloring with the “magic” crayon

All done Mama.

Dyeing the egg blue

Putting stickers on the egg with the eyes closed.

Loving his giant bunny

At our picnic lunch at a local state park

Walking with Mama

He left the sunglasses on for about 15 minutes. A new record.


cool pictures looks like the lil man had fun.


oh yeah! we could so make an arranged marraige for him and addison! such a cutie


such a cutie!!!


Hunting Easter eggs

Look they open!

Taking a break from the hunt

Have some mulch




This one is just random but it was his first time having corn on the cob.

This is what happens when Uncle Dan and Aunt Yessy watch him for a minute

How he prefers to use his stroller.


OMG he’s so cute :slight_smile:


We all did until we discovered ticks. That puts an end to any fun.

Sounds like a plan.





He is too precious!