Easter Sunday

Most recent photographs from yesterday, Easter Sunday. Lots more to come…

Easter Sunday Sun by =FlippinPhil on deviantART

Dome Station by =FlippinPhil on deviantART

Blackness Castle by =FlippinPhil on deviantART

Daffodil by =FlippinPhil on deviantART

Great pics again!

i love the castle pic!

Very nice pics.

Beautiful pics Flip! :slight_smile:

Wow Flip, you really have an eye for photography. Well done. When you come to NY, I require you to bring your camera and take pics that make me pretty. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot everyone, I’m glad you all like.
Another of Blackness Castle, but with a different perspective.

Blackness Castle II by =FlippinPhil on deviantART


Good shots bud!

[quote=“SammyStephens, post: 1092693”]Nice!!!

Good shots bud![/quote]

Thanks mate.

Beautiful :slight_smile:

:smiley: Thanks daniellllleee.

Wow. You really do live somewhere beautiful! I’m jealous!

Wow its amazeing love them :wink:

Thanks everyone, another one of my personal favorites from the trip…

Daffodils Forever by =FlippinPhil on deviantART

gorgeous pics, i like the daffodils you just posted but i love the flower in your first post

Thank you!