Ebay and mustangs dont mix







I’d pimp that second one. Just take all that heavy ass audio equipment out of the trunk. Not my favorite paint, but it’s kinda growing on me.


I like the saleen body. The paint is… shiney…? it’s too flashy to me… of course my stang is “brownish gray” soooo…

I HATE those type of tail lights… :barf


the Saleen is the Mystic are what Saleen called ( rainbow ) and its a rare car but thats alot ??? and the werid first one not a auto and the engine bay did look nice though


:agree I have to say that the Saleen was pretty pimp. The color was awesome. I might be goin out on a limb here, But I thought the “rainbow” paint kicked ass compared to mystichrome. They are similar but the"rainbow" color seemed to be a little more aggressive with the color change part of it.


i thought it was the same paint- ive seen a mystic chrome cobra and a “rainbow” saleen and they look the same to me :dunno


lol… I like the mystic one… Now the first one is UGLY as hell LOL


There is never anything but riced out mustangs on e-bay. It makes me wanna barf :barf


after seeing those pics, that saleen i saw must have been a cobra with a kit or someone got their hands on some mystic chrome paint and put a saleen kit on it. i saw it when i was driving down washington road, it went in the opposite direction, i turned around, and it said saleen- no doubt it was the kit, must have been a rep :dunno


wierd… So it wasnt a real salleen??


That Saleen is awesome, it is also the third time it has been for sale on Ebay, which is pretty odd. The first one is GAY


if i bought a saleen, id buy it brand new from saleen or a dealership that has one and hasnt let it be test driven yet. that is too much money to spend on a used car


how much for the donkey :rock


why is the saleen so much for a used one?


id take the donkey over that first car, thats for sure.
i dunno what that car is, but it aint no mustang. not even sure if id call it a car…

i never understood that extreme lowering - there comes a point where it just looks silly.
:gay :tard :tard :barf :wtf


barfing over the first car :barf

jerking over the second once I change the lights

pounder>>>> :spank <<<< pounder’s wang


Saleen is nasty…i just don’t like the rims and tail lights :booze