when i upload a new pic to the album it doesn’t show up…what am i doing wrong? i have them the right size, and format. i’m doing it just like i did last time…[size=7]HELP[/size]


RE: pics?..

sorry can’t help you because…I dunno what I’m doing…lol…j/k I think there is a problem at the moment with dling pics…ask v


RE: pics?..

werd, i didn’t think i went stupid…oh well had some really cool pics of a snake my brother found in my granpa’s field the other weekend. i signed up for a photobucket account anyways. guess that won’t help right now though


RE: pics?..

HA…got it to work

corn snake…fun to play with

same snake still fun 30 mins later…LOL

last sundays race in virginia(actually did good this time…WooT)

The folks i race with…they did better than me

180 cc’s 14 horsepower…NOICE :rock :rock good for an 85 mph trip around the track last weekend :rock :rock

and for the most random pic eva…some huge burger my dad made last night. i couldn’t eat my whole burger…


Is that a potato chip on your burger? :dunno



Inspects the burger more closely I do believe that is a Pringle or a want to be chip posing as a Pringle. http://www.pringles.com/images/meet_pringles/product_pic_original_l.jpg :lol


You should have boxed that snake up and sent it to me. I have wanted a pet snake for the longest, but I don’t have the money to buy one. I would have kept that western copperhead that I found in a tree in our backyard last week, but it was kind of deadly and the MPs decided that it would be better off dead and chunked in the woods. Those bastards.

That hamburger looks mighty scrumptious right about now.

well, minus the onions, plus a tomato slice, and light on the mayo.


You should put some neon lights on your cart. And some NAWWWWZZ!



haha…they sell a kit for it. :gears


You should get one.


put a V8 kit in it…

:gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears :gears


cool pics-- for future reference, we are having some problems with our album… I am not sure if Joe fixed it or not. I will find out.


Snakes = My worst fear ever!
Cannot stand them. They give me the creeps