Isnt there some kind of pills you can take that will give you energy plus not make you hungry all day? I know you can get your dr to prescribe Adipex but I just want to try something over the counter. Isnt there something like that that you can buy over the counter?

Speed! Unfortunately though it’s illegal.:wink:

Energy drinks works for me. After my morning coffee has let me down… I usually drink an energy drink in the afternoon called Sobe. It makes me crazy hyper. Allows me to excersise, get things done… and its actually good for you, unlike some of the pills.

Jungle elixior is natural and available legaly in health shops. Unforunately it gives me bad farts!

Never heard of that. Is it a drink?

ive heard hoodia works wonders…but i haven’t tried it yet because it isn’t that good for your metabolism in the long run…basically when you speed yourself up, your body gets used to it so that when you stop taking the pills, your body will hang onto every ounce of fat its getting and your metab will slow down…so i never thought it would be worth it. I’ve tried crystal meth before though, and it seemed to have that effect on me. When I quit i gained almost 100lbs in a year! speed=bad!

anything that boosts ur energy and makes you eat less is gonna slow your metabolism so that when you stop yousing them you gain weight pretty fast. your best bet is to boost your metabolism. if you do it right you will be able to eat more and have more energy all while loosing weight. The easiest way to do it is to eat more often in smaller quantities. never let yourself get hungry, and never let youself feel stufed. if you keep your hunger satisfied and dont let yourself get hungry your metabolism will pick up because it knows that food is readily available so it dosnt have to conserve. When I worked at a large chain home improvement store I would eat at least a sandwitch every 2 hours and keep some kind of snack with me at all times. At one point I actualy started to loose to mutch weight and I was eating every thing I could get my hands on and still not packing on any pounds. I was skinier than James…lol, seriously I weighed 110lbs and am 6 foot tall

First I would start with a multivitamin. They help convert the food that you do eat to energy

There is this energy drink called Kronik that I guess works wonders and helps you lose weight too, the only problem is it gives you the shits so if you drink it be prepared! I havent tried it myself but it may be something worth looking into if youre interested

hmmm, the only kronik I have ever seen makes you eat more and have less energy(damn munchies)

Id say go with his advice.

energy drinks are good too. There is this one that is called fuze. It tastes good and gives you a shit ton of vitamins plus energy

Yeah, it comes in a phile and you add it to orange juice, don’t know if its avaiable or not in your country.