English speaking club


Participating in English Speaking Club helps to promote students’ speaking skill and interest in learing English.
do u agree


Seems like a good concept. A way to encourage bilingualism without having people feel forced into it.


i dont think so


as some club force students to speak though they dont want


Well they could leave the club, it is a club.


How about a mandatory club that teaches the fact that Socialists must be physically removed, we can have them speak Italian, Spanish, English, German, the list goes on!


Christ, you’re adamant about this


Agrees McCarthyism is bad

Mandatory club that teaches that socialists must be physically removed

Proceeds to endorse McCarthyism


Well I did change my view a tad, however I do think McCarthyism is bad due to the inefficiency, evidence against those being accused, and the fact that they didn’t use the Judicial system (they used the Legislative Branch). The physical removal of Socialists is really just a Fascist idea, Benito Mussolini started removing Socialists along with Mafia members when he was able to take power; in my opinion Socialists cause just as much damage to the country that the Mafia does.


And he did a similar amount of damage as the socialists. Both Fascists and Anti-Fascits were equally responsible for the chaos and violence during the Days of Blood in Italy

He wasn’t getting rid of the mob or socialists for altruistic reasons, he was doing it to consolidate power


Altruism is a cancer, nothing good comes from it. Only self betterment will lead to betterment of the nation.


Even self-betterment at the expense of others? Also, fascism is inherently an altruistic ideology


National Socialists are not Fascists, I hate having to say this, but they’re Socialists, it is literally in the name of the party. And no, Fascism isn’t altruistic (altruism in my view is global), it is a very nationalistic view, and as long as Capitalism can thrive and social mobility exists then it is also individualistic. Altruism applies to all, Fascism applies to your countrymen and yourself and requires the betterment of the self for the betterment of society; meaning if an individual betters himself, his surroundings will inherently gain from that betterment, however you don’t better yourself with that in mind, you better yourself with self-betterment in mind (which is selfish).
"(Fascism) Does not believe in the possibility of “happiness” on earth as conceived by the economistic literature of the XVIIIth century, and therefore rejects the teleological notion that at some future time the human family will secure a final settlement of all its difficulties." Excerpt from The Political and Social Doctrine of Fascism by Benito Mussolini.


Hitler calling himself “socialist” was a front in order to gain the popular support of workers.

Clearly you didn’t watch the video. Altruism doesn’t necessarily mean the betterment of all, it just means working for the betterment of others. Fascism, and neo-fascist or pseudo-fascist movements such as the alt-right are built on the idea that the individual does not matter and that they should be devoted solely to the state, which by extension decides what is best for the people.

As DJ Khaled said: another one


A few things to address:

  1. National Socialism is a extreme version of Socialism (think Bolshevism) that lacks the dismantling of the state and implements state lead corporations. Basically Corporatism but with no social mobility. The Snopes article presented says it best, “Despite continuing certain Weimar-era social welfare programs, the Nazis proceeded to restrict their availability to “racially worthy” (non-Jewish) beneficiaries. In terms of labor, worker strikes were outlawed. Trade unions were replaced by the party-controlled German Labor Front, primarily tasked with increasing productivity, not protecting workers.” The fact is all Socialist governments have to outlaws strikes (see Revolutionary Spain, Russia, China, etc.), they also restricted government welfare from non-Germans (Jews) because they saw the non-Germans as the Russians saw the land owners. The fact is the National Socialists had interpreted that, if the Jewish men are on top of the majority of the markets, then that would make them the bourgeois, so they treated them as any Socialist would treat bourgeois. Lastly Trade unions being replaced by the Party’s own trade Union is a common thing in Socialist Countries (see China, Soviet Union, and Venezuela.)

  2. I didn’t watch the video, it was labeled National Socialists are bad and I am not a National Socialist so I need not apply. However I will address Altruism. In my philosophy I see Fascism, the authoritative nature of government being used to implement secure boarders, settle disputes over contracts, ensure the security of the people is had (removing Socialists and traitors), and provide public services like building infrastructure, education and social security to veterans, old people, and orphans. Other than that, I think Mussolini’s Economic policy was trash, it was Corporatism, however the neo-Fascists really removed that element, Pinochet, Franco, etc. Wait holy shit how was I so blind, altruism is a huge factor. Okay, you win on that point, but I do not think that altruism is what drives this nation, rather the ability to improve yourself by self-betterment and thus inadvertently bettering the conditions of the state.


Do you want to learn english? its a good idea if you do. If you do not then it will be a bad idea.


Yea. I agree.


Fair enough on the first one. However, the bit about socialists, uh yeah no. It goes completely against the 1st amendment and it’s a clear violation of civil liberties


Facists do not care about these, socialists largely agree with them but not how they are currently codified or written.


To say that “socialism didn’t work” is to overlook the fact that it did. In Eastern Europe, Russia, China, Mongolia, North Korea, and Cuba, revolutionary communism created a life for the mass of people that was far better than the wretched existence they had endured under feudal lords, military bosses, foreign colonizers, and Western capitalists. The end result was a dramatic improvement in living conditions for hundreds of millions of people on a scale never before or since witnessed in history. - from Dr. Michael Parenti’s book Blackshirts and Reds: Rational Fascism and the Overthrow of Communism