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When the “National Socialists” are so socialist that they kill all the labor unions, invite big business from America to Germany, declare the death of Marxism, and wage war with the USSR.


The collapse of the USSR due to popular uprising would like to have a word with you…


Well obviously, we don’t live in a perfect society. This is just my ideal society. Socialists don’t recognize my rights, so we don’t recognize theirs; obviously this would occur during or after a “revolution” and not now. However my point stands, Socialists are bad and if they try to infringe on my rights I will see to it that they are physically removed.


I’m not going to tell you that Socialism doesn’t work because it is a given. Everything else you said was true, however it ignores the fact that it only helped those who liked the cause, and even so only during the actual physical revolution. Once the “Dictatorship of the Proletariat” is established is when shit goes to hell.

They 1) nationalized Labor Unions (like Revolutionary Spain, USSR, China, Venezuela, etc.) and 2) they accepted grants and allowed foreign business to open (under the supervision of the National Socialist party) because they still owned the factories and labor units, they just needed the money. The rest of the stuff is because Hitler was a expansionist and he needed to have his people rally behind him in his cause, and he was able to gain the support of the reactionaries and conservatives by declaring the death of Marxism and fighting the USSR; pretty simple.


Tolerance is sometimes the tolerance of intolerance amigo.


Tolerance only lasts until things get physical, and that is when I say we need to physically remove them.


Ah, but that is different than removing them outright, no?


Not really. Socialists by their own ideology call for revolution, and they also call for unconstitutional bills to pass.


But until they act upon that, they have the right to believe in violence and revolution


Well this got off topic quickly…


Sure do, but I have the right to believe in violence against their revolution.


True, but you don’t have the right to actually implement that violence, at least until you are physically attacked (when the revolution actually happens). Feel free to prep until the


Hard to prep when these Socialists want to take away fire arms.


It’s not just socialists. Don’t pin everything on your scapegoat


Sorry, Socialists, Communists, Bankers, Hollywood, Democrats, Leftists in general, you know the types who also advocate for restrictions of freedom of speech and gun rights.




Bankers perpetuate Keynesian Economic theory which is basically Socialism Lite, Hollywood has be notorious in it’s expulsion of Conservative Americans and the like, Democrats have it in their platform to restrict gun rights, and Leftists in general have an affinity toward emotional arguments rather than logical and pragmatic arguments.


Oh sure, because reactionaries are so pro civil liberties. The PATRIOT act, the Sedition Act, Gay Marriage, I could keep going


Hitler really hated slavs though, so you can’t claim he waged war on the USSR just because of socialism.


His main reason wasn’t ideological, it was strategic. He needed their oil.