Saleen 351, this one is a 2000 year. only one made.



when i get older and have more money i want a saleen, cobra or mach 1… that is a hell of a car. the last production 351… why sell it?


thats funny, i was looking at that yesterday :banana


That is one nice ass car!!


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no idea, but if it wasnt so rare id want it.

351 s/c 2000 saleen


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I’d sell it to buy an 06 zo6… :banana talk about a badass car. There is no saleen i would own over the new z06, except an s7 obviously, however evne this z06 will probably be a little faster around the track than the s7.


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double post :booze


sweet saleen and I don’t even really care for saleens


So it’s faster than a 2005 Ford GT? Hmm… so this particular Saleen can hit 200+ MPH? Hmmm…