Episode III - The revenge of the sith


I just got the game for PS2. The game is sooooo awesome. Someday when I grow up, I want to be a Jedi!

I can’t wait until the movie comes out. I’m debating seeing the midnight showing.


i hate that f’n series


I remember being sooooo into that movie series when I was little. then when they came out with the new trilogy I was like eehhh, sounds ok. But since the new previews started playing Ive been ready to watch it.


before my time and ive never been into it.


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j/k I’m with you. I’m not a star wars fan at all.


I didn’t like episode 1 with that kid and that binks asshole…episode 2 the love story was a little lame but the movie was better…looking forward to episode 3 though


:blah You are all crazy, I mean I’m not a huge Star Wars fan either but you can’t deny that it is one of the best series ever!!!


the original 3 rocked…I hope episode 3 lives up to what its suppose to be


I think it will, some of the previews of the fight scenes looked great.


the whole thing should just about be fighting


I rented it for the Xbox, the visual are clean and it sounds great in DD 5.1. I wish I had an 51in. HDTV for now I’m just stuck with my 27in. :dunno


I can’t wait for it to come out in the theather, it looks sweet. I read all about it in my last TIME magazine, and I hope it lives up to the origional three, especially after episode 1


I admint im a bit of a star wars geek, i live thru my 7 year old son, i buy him freakin everything Star Wars, He’s got an original Millinium Falcon
from 1978, it rocks. Cant wait for the movie either, We might all dress up
in costumes too. :rock I know…im a geek.


Can’t wait to see it also :smiley:


take a pic of you in costueme so we can all point and laugh at you…lol…j/k


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Star Wars is GAY MMMKKKKKKK :gay


red on that note I have to say :fu




damn right don’t :fu with bacon