Ever play stupid games with youre friends?


Well today me and like 10 friends went to a lakehouse that was owned by a friends g/f’s parents. We had a nice cookout, went out on the canoe, sat around and chatted… then came time for fireworks. We bought alot and they went fast… then we had a 1,000 roll of firecrackers. Well… Im down by the water and one of my friends decided to be a dick and throw one at me and goes off right near me. We all laugh so i throw one back at him and gets him in the back of the leg…

He continues to light another and throws it at me and i run away while lighting another and hitting him. So he lights another and one of our other friends throws one at him and hits him in the chest. Well… by now everything has gone amuck and everyone is for themselves. Everyone else that doesnt want in on our stupid game runs inside…

SO by the end of our game which lasted like 30 minutes of running and jumping, ducking and throwing… i have a burn mark on my neck, i cant hear very well out of my right ear, and have a burn on my left hand.

The other 2, well one has 2 burns on his legs, cant hear very well out of either of his ears, and the other person playing has a hole in his shirt from one, and cant hear very well. lol.

All in all it was very fun and i suggest if you wanna play a game where you are literally running for youre life. Play this one! lol…

Anyone else play stupid games?


I would play a stupid game like that, but I value my hearing, my extremities, and I actually have a brain. :banana

No wonder my mom is always getting emergency calls around the beginning of July. :tard


Yeah but it sure was fun at the moment… im sure im gonna wake up tmrw with no hearing. :rofl


Thats pretty funnah. Fuggin dangerous too. Didn’t your father ever tell you that playing with fireworks could blow up your finger or put out an Eye. :lol Whatever right? My sentiments exactly.

My best friend’s dad was a golf course manager so in the summer we used to beable to work there and manage the carts. One night we were out retrieving carts on the course and we kinda got into a demolition derby thing with the carts we were driving. We ended up really fugging up one cart really bad. it was dented from front to back. it looked like a crunched tin can. We tried to blame it on the golphers that left it on the course but his Dad wouldn’t believe us. We were fined and fired. Oh well I hate golf anyway. :fu


CASPER! Didn’t your Mother ever tell you that you shouldn’t throw firecrackers because you can put someones testicle out! crosses arms and taps foot http://www.offtopicz.com/forums/smilies_mod/upload/80d3adbd8ee2df9c0824f5ebd6b23fb1.gif


haha dumb games like this are fun, or if you get wasted, do out on the dock and see who can pee the farthest, or see who fan make an axe and lighter amke the bighest flame thrower mmm dumb games are good for the heart


Buddy of mine’s uncle lost two of his fingers “playing” that game. I think I’ll pass. :tard


Growing up, my 3 brothers and I used to take our BB guns and have 3 pump wars with them. We were smart enough to wear saftey glasses, but with 3 pumps in those guns it hurt like hell when you got hit. And with 4 people shooting all at once, there was no place to run and hide. About the worst is when I got shot in the ear, hurt like hell.


I cant say i have played that game, but i got shot on accident ( well at least i think it was. lol. ) and it sure hurt. Yeah i can also say getting hit in the ear hurts… with anytihng. When i got it it literally threw me down to the grown and i was stumbling to get back up. :rofl But today i can hear just fine… a lil later i’ll call my friends and see if they can hear yet.


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yep thats similar to the airsoft guns people use now, its like a plastic BB, shout outta a pistol with CO2 leaves a few little welts lol



I could see someone trying to do a matrix move.

slo-mo panning of camera as Casper flies through the air



haha… thats pretty much what i felt like… having to dodge the crackers, and squat, jump, pretty much TRY to fly through the air. It was the most dangerous thing i have ever done… yet it was SO fun. You get youre blood pumping and its scarey all at once. LOVED IT. I felt like a full blown army hero. It sure hurt and made you wanna stop when you got hit… but then you gotta watch out for youre other buddy sneaking up on you when youre trying to recover. Then you spark one up and throw… not even caring if it blasted youre buddy cause youre trying to watch out for someone else… You gotta be quick and on youre feet… but Firecracker wars is sure fun! :laughing


you should try roman candle wars, thos htings hurt lol, i suggest you wear some sort of snow mobileing suit and some sort of face protection if ya try it though lol


lets see stupid games:
roman candel wars
bb gun wars (haven’t played since one guy got shot in the eye and needed surgery)
flaming javelin of death wars(got an awesome scar from that one)

and some more i cant think of right now.


Not sure what Roman Candle wars are… maybe elaborate for me.

When we were playing i did get suprised with a bottle rocket and thank the good lord it missed me by alot. lol.


you take roman candles, and shoot them at the people on the other team just like you would a bb gun or somethin, it just shoots this little flaming ball at them, doesn’t hurt terribly bad, i guess like if someone dropped a philly on you or somethin. but i definately wouldn’t wear good or flamable clothes when playing.


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[quote=Casper98gt]Not sure what Roman Candle wars are… maybe elaborate for me.

When we were playing i did get suprised with a bottle rocket and thank the good lord it missed me by alot. lol.[/quote]

Roman candles are those like longs sticks that have like small balls od flames shoot outta them, it says specifically like do no hold in your hand on hte hting, but whaat ya go is ya take one light it hold it in your hand and shoot each other with em lol


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[quote=Casper98gt]Not sure what Roman Candle wars are… maybe elaborate for me.

When we were playing i did get suprised with a bottle rocket and thank the good lord it missed me by alot. lol.[/quote]

last night i was suprized by a full sized fire work. there was a concert at the campground i went to this weekend with fireworks last night, the were being set off about 25 ft from us and one of the big ones like fell over and shot into a crowd of people less than two trucks away from us. that was pretty scary.


Sounds fun…but i dont think i wanna be set on fire. lol.

Matt… thats funnah. Happen’d to us SAt. night. we set of fireworks and one fell over and shot straight at some girl sitting at a picnic table and she threw a fit and left. We yelled to get to watch out and she still got out of the way. lol.

Also last night we were shooting bottle rockets off in a Mikes bottle. And A canoe was comming through the lake in front of us… like in the middle. And my buddy lit the fuse and we heard… DONT FIRE… lol. So my buddy did what im sure anyone would do and grab’s ahold of the thing… then decided very quickly that it was a stupid thing to do and then it shot off. It didnt come close to them… but was sure funny.


another fun thing to do with bottle rockets is to lay them on the road and light them, they just scoot all over the place. we did it a few years ago on new years eve and “accidentaly” shot a police car.