Exhaust Question


Should a BBK longtubes mount up correctly with the MAC prochamber. I’m assuming it does, but MAC is very specific to say that the prochamber is designed to work with the MAC longtubes… any ideas?




i dont know…

what i do know is that is a marketing scheme. they (MAC) try to sell only their products by saying it will only work in conjunction with their other products…

hair products do the same: “this product works best if used with our complete line of…”

fear: the manipulating technique used by many a business.


hrmm Long tubes need a special mid pipe. One that is shorter well because the headers are longer. :lol


i know it needs a shorter midpipe… im refering to the shorter prochamber… geez sp3nis, you reply to all my threads like a newb :fu


if it is a shorter mid pipe, yes it will work.


i hate mac they screwed up my cobra motor i think


Re: RE: Exhaust Question

He IS a newb!


I get BBK & Bassani confused sometimes, but I believethe Bassani midlenghts are the only ones you need a special mid-pipe for. Whichever one has the “midlengths”, those are the ones you need the special pipe for.