Extra Judicial Killing


Interested to know what you guys think about Extra-Judicial Killings that is implemented right now in the Philippines by the current Pres. Rodrigo Duterte to abolish the use of drugs. Do you think that this is an effective way of decreasing the number of people who use drugs?


Judge said:

Book of Levi 20:27
A man also who is a wizard or a woman that is a witch, shall surely be put to death: they shall stone them with stones, their blood shall be upon them.

A wizard sells deadly poisons which are drugs, except for pot or ecstasy, of which men and women die as cocaine or heroin.

A witch sells deadly poisons, which are drugs, except for pot or ecstasy, to poison unto death unborn children

Therefore president Duarte can lawfully put drug dealers to death. Whether it is effective anti-drug policy remains to be seen: if he kills one million drug dealers in Philippines this may help.


Thank You for your response. This has been a very controversial topic in the Philippines, and I think filipinos are having a hard time choosing the right reasons to support Extra Judicial Killing as most of them think that it contradicts God.


I do not believe in god or gods, or jesus christ, or spirit(s): these are lies of judeo-christians to swindle money out of men and women.


No, and that’s for a few reasons. First it’s a total abuse of power, second it has far too high of a probability to lead to innocent deaths, and third it doesn’t solve the core issues which create these problems to begin with. Its essentially trimming the weeds instead of pulling them up, all while damaging the rest of the garden in the process


When evil man or evil woman is killed there is no longer a problem: there is no abuse of power in it, as for innocents, it is sad, but loss of innocent life can be minimized and properly compensated for with adequate monetary payments.


No one man should have all that power. Giving one individual the right to perform extrajudicial killings opens up the path for abuse of power. People, including rulers, tend to act in their own self interest. If you allow an individual to extrajudicially kill others, there is little preventing him/her from using that against political opponents, turning the state into a dictatorship. Resting all the power in a single entity greatly increases the risk of tyranny. As you claim to be a Federalist, you should know that.

The truth is that most drug dealers become such due to a lack of opportunity. If you give people opportunity, they are much less likely to resort to crime (though it doesn’t completely remove the risk, obviously). America tried the sledgehammer approach and it failed. Switzerland, meanwhile, took a scalpel to the issue instead, providing an out for drug addicts. The secret to winning the war on drugs is to reduce the amount of demand by reducing factors which increase likelihood of drug addiction (stress, poor mental health, depression, etc.). So long as there is a demand people will attempt to create a supply to meet it. In reducing demand you reduce the incentive to create a supply. In this case the demand is drug users while the supply is drug dealers.

Also, the hell is up with that “witch and wizards” shit? This ain’t the middle ages you know. We don’t burn people at the stake anymore.


Extra-judicial killing is ordinary way of administering vengeance to the doers of abominable deeds of abominable deeds of sexual perversions (homosexuality, lesbianism, bestiality, incest, pedophilia (sexual relations with girls below 12 years of age)), abominations (child murders (abortions), change of gender, cannibalism, human cloning)), intentional murder, enslavement of men/women and selling of men/women to slavery, terrorism, pederasty, usurpation, degradation for every man and woman. When United States of America was established extra-judicial killing was a norm, not an exception: the constitution of the United States of America gives US Congress authority to issue letters of marksmanship and reprisal on request of two US citizens.

In Switzerland in the city of Geneva the doers of abominable deeds were burned at stake without trial.

And please respect the laws of Ancients, the part of my Sephardi Judaism religion: great men and great women who wrote them ruled the whole world and were far wiser and far stronger than you are.


There’s nothing wrong with homosexuality so long as it doesn’t violate anyone’s rights. It doesn’t harm anyone tangibly, and it makes people who are gay happier, so it’s none of your business and is a net benefit to society. Bestiality, cloning, and pedophilia are wrong because they are exploitative, not because they are “perverted” or “amoral”. Morals are meaningless and pointless when compared to ethics, science, and reason. If it cannot be measured it is worthless.

The US was also established when slavery was the norm, so does that mean we should bring that back? When extrajudicial killings happened in America past 1800, they were usually lynchings of blacks for crimes they didn’t commit. Or massacres of natives. Or nativist gangs burning Irish churches, homes, and businesses. The nature of America has changed, and thus we must change with it. To be unadaptable is to wither and die like the Spartans. To adapt is to thrive, like the Jews or the Romans.

Yeah, like questioning the church. Or being a doctor, or a Jew.

By “respect the laws of the ancients” you seem to mean the ancients you like, and only them. Aristotle was an ancient and is still considered to be one of the wisest men of the classical period (with him being named “the first teacher”), and yet you hate his guts. Times change though, and so must our beliefs. We don’t believe that disease is caused by humors just because it was the “wisdom of the ancients”. We as a species must evolve like any other organism, both physically and socially.


I have already stated that I do not change my religion and my believes, because my religion and my believes are based on objective reality, that is what can be seen, heard, weighted and measured by man and woman.

King Solomon of Saudi Arabia once said: what once was that will be, and there is nothing new under the Sun

To repeat:

We know your democratic lies
We will not be deceived by your democratic lies
Republicans have principles, democrats have none,
And therefore democracy in America comes to end.


When you have no argument to stand on you immediately resort to ad hominem attacks. Religion is ideology and ideology is, by its very nature, not based on objective reality. Subjective ideals and morals have no place in politics, for politics is simply a pragmatic numbers game. I know I wear my Machiavellian influences on my sleeve in this statement, but history tends to favor such a perspective. Huey Long used violence and intimidation in order to push for programs to help the poor because there was no other way. LBJ used coercion and intimidation in order to pass the Civil Rights Act and dismantle Jim Crow. Marx, Mohammed, Mussolini: all were idealists, and ideals have no bearing in reality.


Politics is continuation of war by all means: by violence and fraud every kingdom is taken, by violence and fraud is every kingdom built. United States of America was founded by violence and fraud, and so it shall be.

I am antichrist, and I do not change, I am republican, federalist, constitutionalist, man of golden 19th century, and I am proud of who I am. I speak only of things that can be seen, heard, weighted and measured by man and woman.


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