Extra Weight on the Hangman's Noose

don’t bring me out there
the people don’t want answers
they want blood

it’s all a misunderstanding
if only they’d give me the chance
hear me out!

i was just trying to say it isn’t-
hey! don’t put that halo round my head just yet!

this can’t be happening
my mother always told me
st peter would have pearly robes and a long white beard
i dont remember nothin bout no rope or mask
i’m not ready to grow wings!

st peter quiets down the screaming,
and asks me for everyone to hear,
“do you forgive me?”

do i forgive you?
hell, what do i have left?
i forgive you, you lousy bloodthirsty bastards.
i forgive you.

the floor gives out
the rope holds on
letting everyone gawk and cheer
at the extra weight on the hangman’s noose.