Face/Off becoming a reality?


Anyone remember the movie, Face/Off with Nicolas Cage and John Travolta? In the movie, the doctors “switch” their faces so Travolta can be undercover and get into the midst of “evil” so to speak…

Well, I just saw on the news that face transplants are going to be a reality. Apparently, a group of doctors at the Cleveland Clinic here in OH will attempt the first face transplant in the US. Patients will get a new face, given by cadaver donors.

Here’s a link I found about it:


I think this is freaky as hell and odd. Granted, it’s better than having a mangled face from an accident, etc… but still, it weirds me the hell out.


Hell no I dont want a face of a dead person :barf


:funnah :funnah :agree that be freaky. i would like to see that after its been done.


It makes me think of Hanibal Lector :tard


ewwww… Why would you want someone elses face?


to commit crimes


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To cover your ass


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sci-fi turned reality… :wtf


Maybe you would if you were burned real bad.


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haha, yeah from Silence of the Lambs when he wears that face to get out of the police building place.

I think it’s a good option for people who are really messed up from an accident, however I think it’s really gross. With the technology we have today, you’d think they could create faces or something?


creating a face would be a lot more complicated than what it seems… there are a LOT of muscles in the face that go hand in hand with each other to control all the subtle movements and nuiances that make a face unique. i dont know if we are at that point yet.

as far as using this to commit crimes, i dont knw if its a big deal, since the technlogy exists now (basic plastic surg.) to change someones face to be substantially different than what it was. this is probbaly for people who a) need it cuz of an accident, or b) want to blow a lot of money for stupid cosmetic overhauls and have it look ‘real’

jjst my oppinion… could be wrong :slight_smile: