[FAKE NEWS] "Trump passed out at rally because someone put something in his diet coke"


When fake news uses a picture of Lil Uzi


Thus, proving how gullible and stupid many Americans are.


I thought we already proved that in the 2016 Presidental Election?





how did you even find this?


44,000 people like the page, they occasionally sponsor posts that show up regardless if you like the page or not.

They just posted this:


I think its a parody page, but its followers don’t seem to know that.


always remember:
Alex Jones has millions of regular listeners/viewers
only once you internalize this can you can adapt to just how many retards there are in the world


No I say that because the URL extension for this page ends in “I changed most of the details and you idiots wont notice”



Can confirm, I saw it as “I ate a moth last night by accident.”