Family is simply the MOST important thing in life


Ever. I’m serious. First… this is going to be long. Just read it. You might enjoy having a look into my epiphany on this, the eve of our Independence Day.

You all recall my post about my finances finally being lowered to a reasonable level so that I can actually live my life and have a good time not worrying about whether or not I’m going to be able to cover my bills, right?

Well, that still doesn’t change the fact that my last check from Ingram was only 455 dollars. I took that to the bank and kept 10 bucks for myself.

rent= 335; due on the 28th, and I still forgot to take it over there.
cable= 100; due in 7 days.

How much does that leave me with? 11.68 in my checking account. Now… I’m starting my new job on Tuesday, it’s a job where I drive around all day to different businesses meaning I’m on the road, meaning I need to eat out. How many days do you think 11 bucks will last? 2… tops. Period.

Well, I thought I was screwed big time. I don’t like borrowing money from my parents, I’ve done it twice and paid them back without problem. I tried to think of anything I could to get out of doing that. But, I am out of options.

Tonight I had to bite the bullet again.

We were sitting out in my parents backyard by the fish pond and my dad leaned over, put his hand on my knee and told me he was proud of me. Never knowing what to say to that, I just said “can i borrow some money?” I felt sick. I felt horrible. To my surprise, without a flinch or stutter in his voice he asked how much. So I thought for a second and said I need 75 dollars. He instantly got up and went inside to write me a check. He comes back out and hands it to me and I stuck it in my pocket saying thank you probably 20 times.

At about 10 everyone was ready to go so we all headed out. I got home and was standing outside having a cigarette, so I pulled out the check and looked at it. He wrote me one for 100 bucks. I swear my jaw hit the ground, I never expected that. I was simply amazed, hell… i’m sitting here tearing up as I’m writing this. I know why though, I don’t know how I never knew this before… but this just shows the undying love my parents have for me that they would go that extra mile to make sure I’m comfortable and living well. Without question, without word of repayment. Just words of inexplicable love.

It made me feel stupid and sorry for ever holding a grudge over that stupid fight we had 3 years ago or for any fight we’ve ever had where I’ve felt alone and lashed out at them for any stupid reason.

This has brought new meaning to me. I’m am done with holding any grudges against anyone. You never know when you’re going to have to depend on someone, or they’re going to have to depend on you. Friendship and family are far more important than anything in the world.

I’m going to go play golf with my dad tomorrow since he needed an extra person since my mom felt she needed to do other things. And I’ll be absolutely DAMNED if I don’t have the best time with my dad tomorrow.

This means everything to me. I haven’t cried like I am right now for a very long time.


thats awesome man. my friend heather makes fun of me all the time cause she says im attached to the hip to my mom. i just tell her my parents were there for me when no one else was. making sure i had all the love in the world. i love my parents for being there for me through my teen years when i was a fuck up. someday there not going to be here so might aswell get all the time you can with your parents.


I kinda teared up reading this. My Dad died this year and I will tell you this. He was always there for me too.

You have experienced unselfesh LOVE.


WOW!! just wow. I actually read the whole thing and I’m touched.

Ok, pulls self together Why the FUCK ONLY 75 BUX!!!


I have every intent of paying this all back. I knew I could hit back 75 from my first check at my new job.

I’m only going to need 25 a week for a week and a half. But he went that extra mile to make sure I could keep myself covered.


Re: RE: Family is simply the MOST important thing in life.

[quote=2000Si]I have every intent of paying this all back. I knew I could hit back 75 from my first check at my new job.

I’m only going to need 25 a week for a week and a half. But he went that extra mile to make sure I could keep myself covered.[/quote]
That’s great Jimbo. By the way, that’s where the Honda really pays off.


haha it’s alright, gas mileage is low… 25-28 mpg tops. but it’s 8 grand over the 60k tune up stage and it desperately needs an oil change.

That’s alright, insurance dropped, two high interest payments dropped, and i’m starting a job that pays well and gives 40 hours. I’ll be alright… now that I’m not worrying about how I’m going to eat until I get paid on the 14th.


That was so sweet of him.

My dad is a very big role in my life now. I wish I was closer to him. right now, we are 2 hours apart. We have a rough time when I was little, but when I got around 14, me and him started spending more and more time together. I dont know what I would do with out him.

As for the rest of my family… My one sister and me arent speaking, the other one lies all the time, the other two are cool with me, but we hardly speak. :frowning: My mom and I talk all the time though. :slight_smile:

You are always suppose to stay close to your family. (I just cant get along w/ 2 of my sisters and sometimes my mom)


Family has always been clase for me, since i was born its been a huge part of my life, even with my parents working till late since tehy were borth in teh corporate world, and my dad travling alot, we managed to have sit down family dinners for the majority of the week.

I also knew everyone of my cousins, we had large family holidays, and we still hold to the tradition of the whole side of my family on my dads side going to northern minnesota for a week on the lake

Its good to stick close, family is always willing to hend you a hand, and an arm, and a leg, if need be.


yeah your lucky you got a honda dood :rock

touchfull story


I know what everyone is saying in this post, comming from an Italian Family, we all stick very close to each other and would do anything in anyway possible for each other. Im very close to all my close family. Even me and my cousins are like brothers and sisters. I just happen to be a daddys boy, as you would call it. He would do anything for me and he knows and shows it to everyone. We like all the same things and even pictures of us at the same young age we look the same. We always say, good bye, have a nice day and i love you each and everyday before work. And always come home and have a small chat about how our days were, and at the end of the night a kiss and hug before bed time. In my family the love we hold for one another is always shown, and will always be. When i was younger i had bad asthma, better now but i still have it, sometimes i would wake up and not beable to breath. My dad and mom always tell me storys of my dad having to wake up in the middle of the night when he had work the next day and having to run outside with me in his arms and keep me in the cold weather so i could breath again, sometimes even to the hospitol, but no matter what the situation i was always taken care of. Back 3 years ago my dad went to the hospitol for beginning stages of lung cancer. I had a very hard time at school, and work. Going from having a fun day at school, to points where i would have to leave the room because of tearing up, just thinking of how he was doing. Then going in the hospitol to be with him until i fell asleep and my mom would have to wake me up and tell me to go home. He eventually made it through and he made a change for the better and it made me very happy.

My mom was always the nice, sweet, stay at home , do everything just to make sure youre kids woke up happy and stayed happy, had everything they needed kinda mom. She always took care of me. From the time i was young i always had bad allergys ( thank god i dont have them anymore) i was always having to get shots and go to the hospitol for something. She was always there with me and for me, getting my tonsils out i remember only wanting one thing and that was a couple of my favorite coloring books and when i came to after surgery and having to eat only cold foods, i remember seeing my mom come in and showing her love and then giving me my new school backpack and openeing it up having a bunch of coloring books and crayons.

Growing up i never had fights with my parents and seldom with brothers and… well never with my sister. I went through Highschool and never had any problems with them. My dad and mom always got us everything we needed and none of us were unhappy. My sister was the only one they had a problem with, but no that she has grown up and has a family of her own she knows what its like and still laughs about it with mom and dad.

So i will totally agree with you James and good for you. I hope you have a great time with youre father tomorrow.


I am only 32 and both of my parents are gone. I am so glad that you have been given the opportunity to realize how much parents really mean!!


I wish I had my chance to let them know what they mean to me. Now that I am an adult…I need them that much more!!!


:rock :rock :rock :rock :rock :rock :rock :rock :rock


Familly is absolutly everything to me…period.


I know what you mean about family. My mom and dad has helped us out numerous times. When we first got married and had our first child, my dad went and paid my car off for me. I had no clue that he was gonna do something like that! I had no words whatsoever to describe how that made me feel. There were not enough ways to tell him Thank You. I had to go to the oral surgeon last year on a spur of the moment to get my wisdom teeth cut out and my insurance paid all of it except @ $400.00 and my mom pitched in and helped and when I tried to pay her back, her and my dad wouldnt except it. They said, No, you guys might need it.
Its just unbelievable how much your parents care for you that they go way out of their way just to make sure you are well taken care of, even when you are married and out on your own. There will never ever be any way to ever repay them. I just hope that when my kids are grown that I can help them out in any kind of bind that they get in.


Well, we just got back from the course. I think I did pretty well. Par for 18 holes was 72 or 76 I believe. I shot a 122 total. I tied my dad for shots on holes 16 and 17 with a couple of nice blasts down the fairway. Hole 18 I blasted one, it hooked right, nailed a tree and bounced back into the damn near center of the fairway. lol

All in all I had a great time, he bought me a pop, hotdog, snickers and some chips and the round of golf.

Now that I have lowered bills, more hours and tons of money I’ll be doing this more. I love going over to the office after 5 and just sitting around with him and my brother chatting about anything as well. It’s been a great day so far, and it’s not done yet. We’re all going to my sisters to have some ribs (mmmm… HOMEMADE btw)… and then we’re gonna watch the downtown fireworks from the parking lot behind my sisters house.