Family owns


So today my dad had his golf outting, I didn’t go but I did go get to eat at the cookout afterwards.

After everyone left my brother, mom and I were talking in the kitchen. Jokingly I said I could move in with my brother and pay 150 a month. and he said…

“we would love for you to move in that’d help us a lot”

So it’d be a mutual thing. BUT the downfall is

  1. I’d lose privacy
  2. I’d have to contend with my pregnant sister in law.
  3. I’d have to see my brother every day.
  4. I’d have to sell half the stuff I have.
  5. I’d be paying 150 a month for one bedroom and a semi private bathroom.

Would it be worth it?

I’m dropping 185 off my rent, 100 off my cable and 25-80 for my electric.

(averaging electric to 35/mo) I’m saving 320 a month which could easily go towards paying off the rest of my bills since I just spent 1040 on my credit card…

Would this be worth it to you? I love my sister, but she can have an attitude and I don’t know how to deal with that. I don’t want to piss her off and I’m sure she wouldn’t want to piss me off.

This would also only be for 6 months, meaning i’d have to find someplace else after 6 months of cheap as shit rent.


You forgot the Baby that is due. Man, how you going to entertain the ladies with a crying baby in the next room?



Re: RE: Family owns.

[quote=Blackwater_GT]You forgot the Baby that is due. Man, how you going to entertain the ladies with a crying baby in the next room?


what ladies? Oh, you’re confusing me with a guy that can actually seem to land a girl. :tard

Sandra is only 6 weeks pregnant, so after 6 months she’ll still have 2-3 months left in the pregnancy as I’m looking for another apartment.


id say do it and take the skrilla you are saving by staying there and put it in the bank and let it earn interest. thats what i would do…or use the money to modify that Si more :smiley:


I’d be using the money to pay off the rest of my debt, extra payments on the car, paying off the credit card, etc. I’d also like to put at least 500 in each of my bank accounts to have in case of an accident. (my deductible is 500).

Then It’ll be mod the civic crazy time.


or you could do that too…


Sounds good to me bub. Do you get along with your brother? I don’t have a brother but I know I couldn’t live with my sister. Shes such a bitch.
I wish I could save some money. :dunno


Family is everything to me…and its wonderful to have someone help sometimes! I’ve been in the situation of being the one living with, and being the one letting them live with me. Of all my gripes I had when letting them live with me, I’m sure my family had with me when I was living with them.

Living with family is hard. You have to give alot of respect to them. Even if you get along great…living together puts pressure on points you would never expect!! Even though they didnt say they wanted it…just make sure to replace the laundry detergent every so often…and even the dishwasher soap too. I know when I had my sister and brother staying with me the biggest gripe I had was the help with the toiletries, etc. (They were both 2 seperate occasions and they were both adults.) Oh yeah, make sure she doesnt have to clean up after you!!!

Good luck to ya!!