Fat Acceptance Good or Bad?



The question here is whether fat acceptance is positive for society or not?

1.Should obese people pay for two seats on a bus or aeroplane?
2.Is health at an obese size possible?
3.Should obesity be glorified or will this have a negative affect on society?
4.Is being fat ugly?
5.Is it Bad to diet your children to prevent obesity?
6.Is it child abuse to feed your child into obesity?
7.Is obesity genetic?

Respond to any of these questions.


Acceptance should lie on subjects that are not controllable by the sufferer, that may change him physically or behaviourally, but not by his own choice.

While being fat, in very rare cases, can be genetic, in most cases it can be attributed to a bad diet, lack of sports, unhealthy eating habits, and just generally being a lazy greasy bastard.

A part of obesity which I’m still hesistant on is that caused by poverty. This subject is, for me, still open for debate. Is poverty a valid reason for obesity? Is the lack of an education in diet a cause of junk food and drink, overeating… Is the fact of having parents that work too much to prepare a healthy menu, or with not enough money to pay for one, a convincing factor behind obesity?

This is, I think, a much more pressing issue than genetics.

To answer your question, no, I don’t believe being fat should be accepted. And I don’t mean the “you exist, lemme help” kind of accept, I mean the “fat is beautiful, here’s a morbidly obese model” accept.
If it is linked to poverty, then it should be treated like poverty. Something to eliminate as society progresses.


I’ll state what I think of question number 4 (Is being fat ugly?).

I’ve never been attracted to obese women. I have nothing against them. But I’m not physically attracted to them.

Looks matter to me. I’m not saying that a girl I’m interested in dating has to look perfect. And I’m far from perfect myself. But still, looks matter to me.

So yes, in my eyes, being obese is unattractive to me.