Favorite Christmas Movie


I use to think that “A Christmas Story” was my favorite christmas movie of all time. You know, the movie where the little boy gets a red rider beebee gun for christmas.
But the other day, I watched “National Lampoons Christmas Vacaction” movie for the first time and I just about died laughing.
So I dont know which one is my favorite movie now.
Anyone else got any favorite Christmas movies?


Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3


National Lampoons Christmas Vacaction

i’ve seen it about 30 times, yet for some reason i haven’t watch it yet this year


:agree I watched it Again last night!


I do not really watch christmas movies much anymore…but i used to watch Miracle on 34th street alot growing up


christmas story is my favorite.


I honestly hate everything associated with Christmas. But Jingle All the Way, the one with the Governator and Sinbad, was cool way back when.


I haven’t really thought about it…are there any christmas pornos? That would probably be my favorite.


I did enjoy this one too…



I love sex, in fact sometimes I think Im a sexaholic, but a Christmas porno, that just dont sound right.


Badder Santa


:funnah that movie was awesome


He liked doing fat chicks ITB :hump


:barf :barf :barf :barf :barf :barf