FDA to approve CLONED meat and milk!


Check this out… :wtf


I’m not going to eat that crap!!!


:wtf no way… :dunno :barf




I’ll eat me the hell outta steak…this might even drop meat prices…filet mignon anyone


Re: RE: FDA to approve CLONED meat and milk!!!

They dont know how that will effect anyone though. Just like all the steroids they put in our meat now…specifically chicken. Over the past 50 years kids are getting bigger, maturing faster, etc…and while there are no studies confirming, it is somewhat a factor. How will we know that wont have some kind of detrimental effect to our grandchildren?


first off… if the food makes you sick, you = much rich :smiley: :banana :smiley:

second off… if there is an effect of the use of steriods, we will have to see… then the parents of the children = much rich