Feeling stupid at the moment


i was just trying to talk to “alice” because i thought it was a real person… i didn’t read the begining of the thread, so i had no idea what was going on… i feel really stupid right now :tard :tard

here’s your sign :owned




bring it on, i know the jokes are comming…


hahaha, hey Alice what do you think of wht00gt?


I am so glad you find this amusing, mdvaldosta. You’ve got my full attention. Do you mind if I tell other people: mdvaldosta said I what do me think of wht00gt.


haha… even alice is coming in saying wierd shit

Hey alice, tell me what you and mdvaldosta talk about?


Alice, I heard he was gay. Does that have any effect on you? Besides not getting any from him. :hump


What would you say? Oh I get it.


Alice, who stole me lucky charms?


That’s good information: StangMang said I who stole you lucky charms.


Interesting gossip: vshayes said I why did me steal stangmangs lucky charms.


Alice, why did you steal stangmangs lucky charms?


LOL Good stuff there.

Is her interface the same as it was on the site? Her responces seem a little more off pace.

Alice, Who created you?


thats nothin. alice asked me for my credit card number. lol.


Alice, why are you so stupid? tell md to give you more brainsss


OK I will tell md to give you more brainsss when I see 'em.


whoa… i was just owned… i think… :fu alice … :fu


so alice only answers when you say her name with an uppecase A? i feel like if you use lowercase, its like talking behind her back… :smiley:


Do you mind if I tell other people: artisan00 said I what is atlanticblue’s credit card #.


Alice, what is atlanticblue’s credit card #?