Feminism : Equality or Female Supremacy


[QUOTE=“Berob, post: 233400, member: 4869”]feminism should have responded. They have not.[/QUOTE]

I don’t think you understand feminism. You seem to think it is based on logic and should be taken seriously. As I’ve said before, feminism isn’t a problem, people who take it seriously are.


You seem to forget that this is an agenda adopted by mainstream media , and so many still think it is a reputable movement. In that sense it should be taken seriously, I don’t take the feminism itself seriously.


[QUOTE=“Plopern, post: 233587, member: 265”]I believe in equal [I]rights[/I], not equality as in a world with a 50/50 gender split on everything as that defies biology, I think there is a reasonable difference between men and women in several ways. Does that mean I’m egalitarian? I’m never sure[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=“Medvekoma, post: 233590, member: 1394”]I’m never sure either, but I think we both are. I believe that men and women are different for the sake of being able to build a better society. Like in the case of Lions.[/QUOTE]
Egalitarianism is defined by treating everyone equally regardless of race, sex, gender, orientation, etc, which inherently is in disfavour of say, gender roles, and traditional views on men/women.
You don’t have to be an egalitarian to support equal rights, either.


There is a simple answer to this debate:
“When I am weak, I will beg you for my freedom. When I am strong, I will deprive you of yours.”
Or, another way of putting it… in matters of human affairs, when there is a potential for abuse of power it is never a question of “if”; it is always only a question of “when”.
No one is “hijacking” the term feminism. It is simply that feminism, on the whole, regardless of its original intentions, is now merely another exercise of power. And, it is tending, more and more, toward female supremacy.