File sharing programs


Whats everyone use for there File Saring programs and how do you like them. whats the Pro’s and Cons of it. I use Limewire Pro.

i like it cause it downloads pretty fast for what it has on it

i dont like it cause theres not so much stuff to download anymore.


i use ares for songs i like, but i havent really downloaded much anyways… :dunno


yea i use ares too


the old ares is awesome. you know the ares galaxy. i have that too. i think its version 1.8. now that ares P2P 2.09 is terrible.


i use bit torrent sites mostly. or are pretty damn good. if you go that route, you are going to need a bit torrent client like Azereus.


yeah i tried them but they are just so god damn slow. i dont know what the hell im doing wrong. im not a very patient person when it comes to downloading shit.


I have the same problem with azureus, I only use it for things I can wait for like whole series, dvd rips, ect

for music I use morpheus


Ares for music, and porn, and stuffs like that, if i cant find anything on ares i go to limewire they usually have the kinky rare stuff there.

some torrents download fast u just gotta change the settings right. i downloaded dukes of hazzard unedited in prolly a total of 12 hours.
but like i said some torrents fast others can be slow it took me prolly an added up 300 hours to get all 3 lotr but it was/is worth it GREAT quality vs ares and limewire where the quality is a big gamble


there no way in H-E double hockey stick i would wait 300 hours to download anything. to me, its just not worth it. i would spend the money and buy the movie if i planned on watching it over and over again but i would rather download something and get it for free if i only plan on playing it once and then deleting it from my computer. theres no point buying it IMHO if thats the case.


yeah when i downloaded it it was like 80bux for the box set and 75 seperate i didnt feel like paying that much im trying to save for a car i usually just let my downloads go for the 16 hours per day that im asleep/school it only took like half a month

i love my lotr :smiley: two towers is the best

edit and o yeah that was in august most of my family birthdays are in august including my gf so i had to buy a whole buncha presents


I use Azureus for torrent downloads, mostly for videos and games. As for music, I use Nicotine (Soulseek). They’re both for Linux and that’s pretty much all I ever use Linux for lol.


I use Bittorrent and occasionally Kazaalite.

Bittorrent is a little tricky sometimes. But speedwise it’s better than anything else out there. I’ve hit 600+ kbps. It all depends on number of seeders, time you’re downloading, etc, etc.

Sometimes it does take a little bit to connect to peers, which is what stopped me from using it earlier. But, once I figured that out, it was smooth sailing and I rarely use anything else. I’m also impatient hehe. (net)
(the) (for the wrestling fans out there) (wrestling and other sports)

I know of a few others that are decent. Really, bittorrent is the only worthwhile file share system. IMO anyway.