Finally decided to download firefox


I’ll tell you what, I wish I had done it a long time ago. It pretty much kicks internet explorers ass. I suggest everyone download it.


I’m willing to give it a try on my desktop, and if I like it it’ll go on the laptop.

Where to for am I supposed to get it?! :dunno



be sure to download some addins also. Like GetThemAll and the adblock one. The addblock kicks ass, when you go to a site like mustang forums that is clustered with adds, you just open the addblock and block the images from sites that advertise there. And its in there permanitely until you delete the links.


yeah firefox is da shiz glad you switched to it! hey don’t forget to install Fasterfox it will make it a little faster!


I just dled it…I’m not that impressed


Re: RE: Finally decided to download firefox.

How can you be impressed when you just downloaded it? Use it some


wait until you download the addon GetThemAll and you are browsing your favorite porn site and you want to download all the images or videos. It takes about three clicks and they all start downloading :hump


that’s disgusting :barf


Haha thats too funny. I dunno, I’ve got Firefox and Netscape (for design testing) and I can’t get away from IE. I’m just so used to it from all these years. I think Firefox is overrated. IE7 will be out soon, then we’ll see who’s boss.


I’ve been a firm believer in IE, but I dont know… this firefox thing is pretty nice. Im sure ill switch back and forth


I’ve tried it out. I dunno, I didn’t like that I could totally minimize the toolbars like I have my IE. It’s just like all the other editors, I still use Frontpage 1998 heh heh.


i didnt like foxfire because of how slow it was… explorer is quicker to me.


yeah im using firefox. im not impressed with it. popups still comethrough on it. i think i like IE better. anyone know where i can can get add in’s and plug in’s for IE 6. i also like netscape but sometimes i have problems view sites like this one, and MM with it. probally a setting on it i clicked about trusting this site. maybe i did something wrong. :dunno

but yeah does anyone know where i can get add on’s and plug in’s for IE6


you guys must not have gave firefox a chance. I have significant;y lowered my popups just by switching. The adblock feature in itself is worth ussing firefoxs over IE


ive actually been using it for a month or so. its not bad at all. i downloaded a theme for it and it looks pretty decent. i tried that ad block feature before and im not to sure on how to use it to its full potential so i unistalled the feature. ill keep it at least until IE7 comes out and i can check that out and make a decision. i dont know why but i still get pop ups when i use FF. mostly the damn bullshit. usally happenes when i check out my friends/family’s Xanga pages and when i was looking for info on game systems and game reviews/previews. other than that it blocks 99 % of the pop up’s.


Firefox>all other browsers


1 day later…I’m still not impressed