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I finally found a copy of the Chevy comercial with the car hauler … starting with the new Vette and ending with the SSR …Stephen Wolfs…Magic Carpet ride… Im sorry but to me that is one FINE ASS Comercial … id like to be those stunt drivers especially when the yellow SSR comes flying up and spins around and backs on the hauler while its moving … That is so cool …:banana :banana :banana :banana :smiley:


They have that commercial on the chevy website. I love it. The vette part makes my mouth water…


me to when he comes flying out of the factory and you see the rack fall on the hauler and he goes flying up on top it makes me all warm and fuzzy LOL … its SO FINE … But it=d like to be spinning that SSR and backing it on the hauler HECKED id drive the maxx are the trailblazer on there also :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


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When they spin the ssr around thats awesome. That commercial inspires feelings of…SPEED. Makes u wanna hop in a car and drive the hell out of it. I like the cobalt commercials with the vette. The best one is when the cobalt bumps it a few times and the the vette nails the gas and spins around perfectly…oh man…


yea they do have the effetc to get your adrinalin PUMPING dont they :lol :lol :lol me they make me wonta dance cause i like the music and wonta be that stunt driver in that car ( no matter which one it is ) :banana :banana :banana


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Yeah they do. Makes me one to steal someones C6 and haul ass! :lol


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this is how i found it … Chevy an american revolution/video and at the top its say beta go in there and it has the hole comerical it a long download but i think worth watching… also gotta have Quick time to watch it :smiley:


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Lazy Fuckers

There used to be a link to the commercials in the lower right hand corner when looking at a car model, but not anymore. If you have high speed internet go to chevy live. Thats what the link is for. I am not sure if it will have the commercials, but its chevy videos so if u have high speed go ahead. I have 28k so i cant.

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i been going in Chevy .com for the last few nights looking at the Cobolts but the link doesnt seem to be there ??? :dunno and Chevy live doesnt have the car hauler comercial :dunno


So do you want a Cobalt.



here were i found the viseo its more like a little movie 11 sec long…… there 2 version i picked the longer one LOL


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[quote=MrAWatts]So do you want a Cobalt.




well to be honest I like the Cobolt i think the SS would be a cool car and for the price its well worth it :lol :lol After i watch the comercial were there playing ball the black and yellow one caught my attention …to me it was so cute when the black one hit the ball and it went in the window and he hide :lol :lol


Thats cool, the ss is pretty quick. Cobalts are so much better than Cavaliers, those arent worth the gas is takes to drive them.


I do agree have you gone in and gone to the Cobolt page … then go in meet your ride ??? OH man its so cool it plays music and lets you build 6 different Cobolts like you wont them and then plays the music according its so fun :lol :lol :lol


I havent seen that, sounds cool :smiley:


Im not sure if i wont one but the SS is turbo and that is very interesting … considering i like the car and the way it looks :smiley: :smiley:


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Its fast, looks good, sounds like a good contender.


i didnt get to see the comercial with the Cobolt and vette … Just the one with all 4 Cobolts playing ball in the street …