Finally got pics of my roommate trashed


And actually this one was on cinco de mayo

Damn those were some funny nights!!!


:rofl wow :funnah just lmao


Haha…good times eh :booze


yea very good times :booze




hahah. He’s kinda scary in that second pic. And kinda looks like Matthew Lillard (that guy in the scream movies) in the 3rd one.


hes a riot, jack and coke all the way baby


:booze ---- :cool ---- :rock ---- :barf ---- :owned

:lol :lol




Re: RE: Finally got pics of my roommate trashed…

oh and i dont know who these people are…sorry :lol


Jack and Coke RULES!!!

#12 note to self, roommates mouth opens while standing, but closes on floor. Cheek against wall causes mouth to open PLUS tongue protrudes

side note. Subject can’t understand why helmet doesn’t fit then realizes head shrinks after consuming large quanzzz of teh silly juice :laughing


hahahahaha :rofl :funnah